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    Opencart Gift Vouchers

    Updated 3 February 2017

    Opencart provides a best feature i.e Gift Voucher in which one can purchase gift vouchers and can send to others. Also admin can also create a Gift Voucher for a customer and send to the other customer on the behalf of this customer.

    Admin Process-

    -For the gift voucher first admin has to create some “Voucher Themes”.


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    –  Then admin can create a gift voucher on the behalf of a customer. Admin has to set a voucher code which the voucher receiver will use on the cart. Then admin has to set the customer name and email who is sending the gift voucher and also voucher receiver name and email as an email is sent to both the sender and receiver of the voucher.

    – Then admin can select any voucher theme and voucher amount. Then send the voucher.


    Process Of The Front End –

    – First a customer has to purchase a gift voucher for another customer.

    – After press the “continue” button a gift voucher will be added to the cart as a product and customer needs to do the Opencart checkout process.

    -Then after the completion of the customer’s order by admin, admin will send the gift voucher to the customer.

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