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    Opencart Abandoned Cart

    Updated 9 February 2024

    Opencart Abandoned Cart module is a beneficial module for the Store owner. With the help of this module, they can view the customer(s) who had abandoned the shopping cart in the mid-way. The store owner or the admin can notify the customer(s) about their abandoned cart.

    This wonderful module is a powerful tool for the admin to increase the sales and revenue of their Opencart Store. Admin or the store owner can notify the customer(s) manually or automatically by setting cron job on the cPanel.

    Check the working of the plugin in the video mentioned below –



    • Admin can set the email template for sending emails to the customers.
    • Admin can enter the email address through which notification message will be sent to the customer(s) for the abandoned cart.
    • The codes are open source and it can be customized as per your requirement.
    • Admin can view details of the customers like their name, email id, IP Address, Time & Date.
    • The customer can be notified manually or automatically by the admin.
    • Admin will set up Cron job for sending the notification for the abandoned cart automatically.


    Installation of the Opencart Abandoned Cart module is very simple. You just need to move Admin & ocmod folder, cronfile.php and wk_abandonedcart_cron_file.php files into the Opencart root.
    Installation 1

    You can also install the Opencart Abandoned Cart by uploading the admin & catalog files through extension installer.

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    Upload zip of module

    Now admin will go to Extensions > Modifications and then click on refresh button like the image below.

    Installation 2

    Setting Cron Jobs

    After the module installation, the store owner or the admin will set up the Cron Job. Just login into the cPannel Account then click on Cron Job.

    Cron Job

    To find PHP directory path go the terminal then login with your ssh account using command ‘ ssh user@ip/host‘. After that find the PHP path by running this command ‘whereis php‘.


    Now copy the usr/bin/php then write it in the command section followed by Webkul abandoned file path like this.


    After that under Extension > Modules, Install the Opencart Abandoned Cart module like this way.

    Install and delete module

    Workflow of the module

    Now admin will configure the module by clicking on the edit button.


    Here admin will enter the email address through which abandoned cart notification would go to the customers. Admin will enable the email notification and module.

    Configuration 2

    Abandoned Carts

    In the Admin’s end, customer can see a tab called “Abandoned cart” where admin can view customer who have abandoned the cart.

    Open Cart Dashboard

    Here admin can see the customer(s) who has abandoned the cart in the mid-way of purchasing the products. Admin can see all their details like name, email id, IP Address, date and time.

    There is a Notify button, on clicking that button, abandoned mails will be sent to the customers.

    Customer details

    Email Template

    Here admin will set the email template which will go to the customers.

    Abandoned cart configuration

    That’s all for the Opencart Abandoned Cart module. Still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

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