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Open Source Ticket System

Updated 6 December 2022

In this digital world, we understand how an effective ticketing system is vital for every business. Customer support is the core of every business. Today, we are dealing with smart customers who first check service quality before buying.

It does not matter what industry you are running either IT, eCommerce store or the logistics trade. All of them want to increase their customer satisfaction.

Therefore, a ticketing system is the only way that helps to improve customer retention and save time and money.

So, let’s read this blog article till the end that explains about ticketing system and why you should consider an open-source ticketing system.

What is a Ticket System?

People want to connect from where they are present for asking support like a range of social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and via email, etc.

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Power up your support with a ticket system that allows end-users to create an auto ticket from any channel.

Also, enables them to use “Self-service” where they can get support by themself and raise an issue directly from the ticketing system.

Open Source Ticket System

In addition, customers can even access those tickets and check the progress and resolution of the issue without call support.

Apart from that, improve the productivity of support staff by giving them amazing tools that help to save their time and reduce manual work.

Why there is a need for an open-source ticket system?

Budget is always a big issue when you have a startup or small business. However, you can invest at first but what if when you need further customization?

It may costly or hard to customize if you are paying for a subscription and using a cloud solution.

Open Source = Most Affordable Option

Try Free UVdesk Open Source helpdesk

Customization is easy with open-source software rather than SaaS. So, if you are looking for an affordable and highly customizable helpdesk ticketing system then open source is the right approach.

Open Source Ticket System

Apart from this, you will have full access to source code to make it fit as per your business. A couple of free open-source ticket systems are available on GitHub.

Top 3 Open Source Helpdesk Ticketing System [ FREE ]

Enterprise-Grade Ticket system

Choosing the right ticketing system for your enterprise is a big task overall. A large team and complex structure is the most super-unique pain point of an enterprise.

Most of the enterprise ticketing systems are set up on-premise and that is flexible. With the open source/on-premise, you can also get the set of enterprise-level helpdesk features at no cost.

Open Source Ticket System

However, an enterprise helpdesk system seamlessly and effectively handles the requests of your enterprise customers.

Also, an open-source ticket system run customizes auto workflow and helps to centralize queries from different sources.

With the UVdesk open-source ticket system, you could evaluate below enterprise-level features:

  • Unlimited agent/team/group creation
  • Custom auto workflow
  • Multilingual helpdesk
  • Custom ticket status
  • Saved replies
  • Custom email template
  • Internal notes for agents
  • Branding
  • Knowledgebase
  • Quick support
  • API services

Furthermore, you can find more enterprise UVdesk features on the UVdesk community Github.


Privacy is something very important for a ticketing system as it refers to the indeed of any individual, or group that kept their information within.

Since it includes client personal data card details, server information, financial details, and many others that are stored.

Open Source Ticket System

With open-source, your customer data is not stored somewhere, you have access to your customer data. There is no need to worry about privacy because open source has all data.

Furthermore, when it comes to UVdesk open source ticketing system, it is highly reliable and secure when we kept our customer’s key data in a very secure way.


Every business is unique and its way to deal with the customer is also different. Thus a helpdesk system should be adaptable enough to fulfil all the requirements.

This is only possible by considering an open-source ticketing system. Furthermore, open-source solutions must be modular like in proprietary software there are multiple apps. 

Open-source solutions must have a modular system so that customers can extend the functionality in the format of the module.

Open Source Ticket System

Download Open Source Free UVdesk from the website.

Robust API

Helpdesk software is not limited in terms of functionality and needs to be integrated with another third-party software example CRM or eCommerce accounting software etc.

Having a robust API in open-source software will certainly help you with seamless integration.

Open Source Ticket System

Moreover, you can check UVdesk community helpdesk API from here.

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