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    Odoo Website Product Pack


    Odoo Website Product Pack: Boosting sales never fails…Selling related products in combination is considered to be one of the best practice to increase product sales. To sell products in combination on odoo website we have come up with this module product pack – website, using this module seller can create a product pack of related products at a special price. Product pack can be published on the website and all the related products available on the website can be explored by the buyers separately. As the seller sells product pack at a discounted price, this might influence the sales of the products.


    • Website Product pack allows creating Bundles of products for the website.
    • Product pack can be differentiated amongst all the products using a ribbon tag.
    • Separate display of all the products available in a product pack.
    • Published products of product pack act as a link to the actual products.
    • Product pack is created and published similarly to a product.
    • Display of amount saved on the purchase of product pack as compared to buying them individually.
    • In sales order for picking, you have an option to add product pack, products of the product pack or both.


    Product pack settings for the website

    Product pack is created and its settings for a website can be done under the sales of a product page. You need to publish the product to make it available on the website. There is an option for product style, here you can select “bundle product” to differentiate it from other products. It will have a bundle tag on product display on the website.

    Website view of product pack

    Product pack can be identified on the website easily, as under product styles we selected bundle product to differentiate it from other products.

    Product page of a bundle product.

    On the product page of a bundle product, users can view the listed products available in bundle product. Also, the amount saved on the purchase of bundle product is shown on the pack product page. This will influence buyers to make a purchase as they are getting the same products in a combination of two or more at a lesser price.

    Bundle product details view.

    List of products available in bundle product can be seen under bundle details. These products can be seen on the website if they are published, a user can view the product details.

    How product pack is created and its stock management?

    To learn how the product pack is created and its stock management you can click here


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - V8/ V9/ V10/ V11/V12

    Supported Framework Version -

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