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Odoo Website Product Image Search User Guide

Updated 25 April 2024


Upgrade your product search to be easier and more precise!!

Odoo Website Product Image Search module completely changes the way how products are being searched. The module uses an image to search for different products.

The Odoo Website Product Image Search module is easily accessible to the customers and uses an image to search for different products on the website.


  1. Uses an image for product search.
  2. Provides suggestions for different products after image upload.
  3. It provides the configuration to create a new mapping.
  4. Images can be searched on the color basis.
  5. Also, Images can searched based on design and patterns.
  6. It provides the option to enable or disable the created mapping.
  7. Provides the feature to preview an image after the upload.

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  1. After purchasing the module, a link will be provided to download a zip file.
  2. Extract the file and a folder name ‘website_product_image_search’ will be visible.
  3. Copy the folder to the Odoo add-ons path.
  4. Open the Odoo app, and click on settings. Then, Click on Developer Mode.
  5. Now, open the Apps Menu and click on ‘Update Module List’.
  6. At the search bar, remove all filters and search ‘website_product_image_search’.
  7. And Click on Install for Installation. Kudos!

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Work Flow


  1. After the successful installation, the admin needs to configure the module accordingly.
  2. To configure the module admin needs to navigate to ‘Configuration’ by following the path ‘Configuration>Image Search Configuration’.
  1. In ‘Image Search Configuration’, Click on the ‘New’ button to create a new product image mapping. 
New mapping creation
  1. For configuring for all products set the field as ‘Select Product > All Products’ and then save the configuration.
Creating mapping for all products
  1. And, to configure the module for selected products set the field as ‘Select Product > selected products’.
Mapping for selected products
  1. After we have added all the details in the fields according to the requirements. The admin can click on the ‘store embeddings’ button on the left to save the configuration for this mapping. The status on the right side changes to ‘stored’; The mapping will get published automatically.
Publishing the mapping
  1. The admin can even select the ‘Preview after Upload’ feature to preview the image after a successful upload for search.
Preview image after upload

Website View

  1. Navigate to the website’s ‘Shop’ section from the navbar of the odoo website.
uploading an image

  1. Click on the image search icon beside the search bar to upload an image. Now click on the ‘Upload an image’ button to upload.
uploading an image
  1. After the image upload, Product suggestions of selected products (If configured from the backend) visible on the shop page directly.
preview image not enabled in the configuration
  1. If the ‘Preview Image’ feature is enabled, Then the customer gets a preview of the image of the product uploaded. Clicking on the ‘Search’ button the customer will be redirected to the shop page where all the product suggestions will be visible.
Preview image enabled in the configuration


Hope you find the guide helpful! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

If you still have any issues/queries regarding the same, please raise a ticket at the UV Desk.

I hope this helps. In case of any further queries, contact us at our support mail.

Thanks for paying attention!!

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V17

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