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    Odoo Website Helpdesk & Support Teams


    Customers are an important part of any business, and it is the job of the organization to satisfy its customers by providing them support whenever it is required. Providing support to the customer is important as when the customer is satisfied with the services provided by the organization will recommend it to others as well. 

    It has several names- helpdesk, customer service desk, or support team in Odoo. By design, the support team in Odoo allows businesses to address the consumer problems effectively by actually automating the problem settlement process through ticket processing. Nevertheless, the support team in Odoo relies mainly on handling client issues, while IT service administration frequently tends to the demands of internal operation.

     Allow consumers on your Odoo website to submit their query/issue directly to the relevant team or staff of Odoo Website Helpdesk or Support Teams module. Enables the Odoo user to exhibit the support/helpdesk teams and their various corresponding members on the Odoo Website. Consumers will pick a team and increase the support/query fee. The Odoo customer will test the team affiliated with the ticket in the backend of Odoo and adjust it if necessary.


    • On the Odoo official Website, registered customers can lift a query/issue way to the forefront mostly with the customer support/Helpdesk team.
    • Odoo Backend, various teams can also be allocated according to the eligibility criteria with their members.
    • The teams could be seen on the helpdesk menu mostly on the Odoo Website.
    • Customers should pick the correct team from the Helpdesk menu, edit the service ticket, and apply it.
    • The user/manager of the support desk could even interpret the team and the service desk account associated with the ticket by attempting to open the ticket on the server-side of Odoo.
    • The service desk team and the individual can be updated and re-assigned to a ticket by the Odoo customer on the service side of the Odoo.


    1.) Once you purchase the App from the Webkul store, you will receive the link to download the zip file of the module.
    2.) Extract the file on your system after the download finishes. You will be able to see a folder named- ‘website_team_helpdesk_system’.
    3.) Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Add-Ons path.
    4.) Now, open the Odoo App and click on the Settings menu. Here, click on Activate the Developer Mode.
    5.) Then, open the Apps menu and click on the ‘Update Modules List’.
    6.) In the search bar, remove all the filters and search ‘website_team_helpdesk_system’.
    7.) You will be able to see the module in the search result. Click on ‘Install’ to install it.


    Backend View:

    1. Firstly login to Odoo Database to go to the ‘Helpdesk’ module.

    2. In the Helpdesk module go to Search>> Tickets, here you can create a new ticket and manage all the tickets generated by the customers.

    Create Ticket

    3. Click on the  ‘Create’ button to create new tickets. Add the ‘Subject’, ‘Contact Name’, ‘Category’, ‘Email’, and all the other details while creating the ticket. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the ticket.

    4. Once the ticket is created and you have started to resolve the issue of the ticket. Click on the ‘Resolve’ button to resolve the ticket.

    5. Once you click on the ‘Resolve’ button a pop-up will appear in which you can select the stage of the ticket. There are mainly four stages for the ticket ‘New’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Solved’, and ‘Cancelled’. Also, you can create and edit the stages.

    6. In the ‘Helpdesk’ module go to Configuration>> Teams to create new teams. Click on the ‘Create’ button to create a new team.

    7. Add the ‘Team Name’, ‘Manager’, and other details. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the teams.

    8. In the ‘Helpdesk’ module go to Configuration>>Stages to create new stages for the ticket.

    9.Add the ‘Stage Name’ and other details. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the stage.

    10. In the ‘Helpdesk’ module go to Configuration>>Categories to create new stages for the ticket.

    11. Add the ‘Category Name’, ‘Responsible Team’, ‘Responsible User’, and other details. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the categories. 

    12. In the ‘Helpdesk’ module go to Configuration>>Topics to create new stages for the ticket.

    13. Add ‘Topic Name’, ‘Category’, and other details. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save the topic.

    Frontend View:

    14. You can generate a new ticket from the website as well go to Website>>Helpdesk>>Tickets.

    15. As you click on the Tickets tab you will be re-directed to another screen where you can add the details to generate a new ticket.

    16. As soon as you submit the ticket you will receive a message with your ticket number that has been generated once you submit the ticket.

    17. You can also view all the generated tickets and their status by clicking on the  ‘All Ticket’ button.

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    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!

    Current Product Version - Odoo V13, V12, V11

    Supported Framework Version - 1.0.0

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