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    Odoo Website Gift Cards


    Odoo Website Gift Cards: Website Gift Cards module allows selling gift cards on e-commerce. It also allows selling multiple variants of the gift cards (based on price). On the sale of Gift Cards, secret codes are created and those secret codes are provided to the customers via email or physically. Multiple secret codes are created for multiple quantity purchases of a gift card.
    Note: It depends upon Website Coupons & Vouchers


    • Allows creation and sale of Gift Card products.
    • Allows creation and sale of Gift Card variants(based on price).
    • For each purchase of the Gift Card, Secret Codes will be generated.
    • Separate codes are created for multiple quantity purchases of a Gift Card.
    • It helps to create physical and soft copy gift cards.
    • Secret codes can be shared via email or physically.
    • Gift Card values can be redeemed partially.
    • Secret Codes can be printed for physical delivery.
    • The user can specify custom details on the purchase of a Gift Card.
    • Proper validated email for soft copy secret code sharing.
    • An easy to use and easy to handle interface.
    • It has many more features described below.


    After buying Odoo Website Gift Cards you will get a zip file, which contains module. Unzip the file and now just copy website_gift_card module folder into your Odoo addons. Now enable developers mode on your Odoo

    • Go to settings menu and Click on Activate the developer mode.
    • Now Go to Apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List
    • Remove the Apps filter

    Now you will be able to see the module, just install it. After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s Workflow.



    Under vouchers menu, while creating a voucher you can define the custom message for the e-Gift card and physical gift card accordingly. 

    How to create gift cards 

    Gift Cards can be created simply as normal products. For creating a Gift Card: click on Gift cards menu then on create button. Now, set some values like validity, email template(in case of soft copy). Enable Partial Redemption option if you want to provide the partial redemption for the particular card. Select the card type either to E-mail gift card or to physical card according to your need.

    You can also create Gift Card variants as normal variants. Variants should be created with attribute Price and some values equal to the price of the variants should be set in that attribute. The total price of the variant i.e template price and variant price extra should be equal to the price value set in the attribute value of the variant.

    Created gift cards 

    Under Gift Cards menu, you can check all the created gift cards and can create a new gift card by clicking on “create” button.

    Gift cards website view and implementation

    Gift cards are visible as products on the website. 

    Can be added as a product to the cart with specified quantity. 

    By clicking on “additional details” customer can add custom details or message corresponding to that voucher in a pop-up window.

    On confirming Sale Order, physical gift codes can be printed and the secret codes can be delivered physically and e-gift card codes can be sent via emails. Multiple Secret codes will be created on the purchase of multiple quantities of the gift cards.

    On confirming sale order, e-gift card lines will be visible in a separate menu(e-Gift Card orders).

    For the functionality and application of secret codes (vouchers) click here.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo 10

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