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    Odoo Website Customise Bundle Products


    Website Customise Bundle Products allows to select bundle products and customise the products variants from front end as well as back end, according to need. This module has the feature which makes bundle creation as simple as any other product and has same features like other products. It provides admin a facility either to display the list of selected variants or all variants to the customers. It provides the Bundle ribbon and Saved Amount ribbon feature which helps to differentiate these products from other in a website shop.


    • Using this module, customers can customise products in a bundle dynamically while buying
    • Backend users are allowed to customise bundle either from the website or from the backend.
    • Admin has the choice either to display the list of selected variants or all variants to the customers.
    • Creating a bundle is as simple as creating any other product.
    • Bundle products have same features as any other product.
    • Bundle ribbon feature helps to make bundle product more distinguishable in the front end.


    Configuration of customise bundle products 

    After installing the module, you need to go to Sales Menu. Under Bundle products you need to create bundle product for your web-shop.

    To make a new bundle product,define the product name as you define for any other normal product and product type. For any product to make it a Pack Product/Bundle Product you need to enable Is product pack checkbox.

    Then under Pack Products, define the product items, assign a quantity of product in the bundle, assign product variants need to be shown in the bundle and all other types of variants of the related product. Admin has the choice either to display the list of selected variants or all variants to the customers.

    After that save all the requirements of the bundle product.

    When you click on Add an item a pop window will appear. Once done with all click on Save&Close.

    Bundle product view

    How Website Customise Bundle Products Module works in the front end  

    When website view is opened, under shop menu you will find bundle products. These products may have bundle ribbon present on their top left corner.

    These products are always distinguishable as they also contain the blinking Saved amount ribbon for the ordered bundle product.

    Now when any bundle product is selected a product window opens with the total amount paid for the bundle, description of the bundle, customise bundle button and saved amount ribbon.  

    When customer click on the customise bundle Button the Choose variants for your bundle window will appear which contains product, product variants and their quantity selection field.

    If the quantity of the product is not added properly the warning window appears and will disallow customer to add a product to cart or to go to next step.

    Once the product added to cart shopping cart window will show the pack’s whole details.

    Under sales order and quotations, you will find Add Bundle button to add pack to your cart. It also contains the information of the pack.

    When Add Bundle button is clicked, a Bundle product window will appear which consists of the description of bundle, list of selected variants and their quantity.

    Once done order with the sales order number is confirmed.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 9.0

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