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    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Integration For Odoo Ecommerce

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    The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a way by which developers can create optimized content once for mobile web and have it load instantly everywhere. These Pages are much faster compared to non-AMP ones since they load directly from Google AMP Cache. In today’s era smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we access information over the internet. Accelerated Mobile Pages aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web by decreasing the loading time. Using AMP, the webpages loads instantaneously across multiple platforms and devices so that content can appear everywhere in an instant, no matter what type of  tablet or mobile device user is using.

    In the Odoo Website Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module, we have introduced this awesome feature by implementing AMP for the Shop view and Product view. These pages are also having category listing in Sidebar for easy access. For a eCommerce, these these are the most visited and most navigated pages. So if these pages load up instantly without any delay then surely it reduces the bounce rate & increase the sales conversions.


    • Fast loading with Optimized content.
    • Improve & Optimize Performance.
    • Improve SEO ranking.
    • Reduces the bounce rate.
    • Increase the site traffic.
    • Increase the sales conversions.
    • Automatically create Products view & Product View.


    • Place Website Amp files inside your Odoo addons
    • Then update app list at Odoo. (First Enable Developer Mode)
    • Remove “Apps” filter & search “Website Accelerated Mobile Pages“.
    • Then start your installation.


    Once the module is installed successfully, the AMP pages for following pages will be created

    • Website Shop Page
    • Website Product Page

    User can Select category from sidebar and this will redirect to category page.






    Backend Configuration

    After successful installation, admin can configure the module as per the need.

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    Backend Menu will appear on Website Admin > Website AMP


    Admin can also customize the css for each view of AMP Website.


    After installing this module user can edit each view of AMP Website from back-end as per their requirement.


    User can preview their view directly from backend when they are editing templates to customize view.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - V10

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