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    Odoo SaaS Kit User Manual – How to Use

    Also Read Odoo SAAS Kit Technical FAQs For know further about other functionalities.


    Odoo SaaS Kit is the new module that helps you to sell Odoo As A SaaS service to your clients.

    Due to the complexity in implementing the Odoo As A Service, we would provide Free One-Time Installation Set-Up with the purchase of the module. For more info please visit Odoo SaaS Kit

    Once the setup is successfully installed and running, you can create the Saas products in Odoo and start your Odoo SaaS service.

    You can then sell these products via Odoo SaaS plans to the clients. The customers can purchase the products and thus the plans from the Odoo website.

    The plans would allow the customer to create his/her Odoo instance and use the modules mentioned in the plans for their business.

    The Odoo instance would expire once the plan runs its course. The customer can check the details of the SaaS plans and SaaS contracts from his/her Odoo website account.


    Here is a concise list of the features of the Odoo SaaS Kit. For a detailed read of the features please Visit Our Store Page

    • The module facilitates the user to offer Odoo as SaaS to their clients in the form of instances. You can start your Odoo SaaS service with the module.
    • The module provides the structure for the subscription-based service model to the users.
    • The admin can sell Odoo and its modules/apps with the Odoo instances as a subscription-based service to his clients.
    • The admin can create various subscription plan with the featured modules and publish them on the website for the customers.
    • The customers need to purchase the plan to start the subscription.
    • Each customer is given a unique Odoo SaaS instance.
    • The customer is provided with an Odoo instance with all the modules featured in a purchased plan installed in the instance.
    • The login details automatically sent to the registered email address of the customer.
    • The customer can also login to his/her Odoo SaaS instance from his/her Odoo website account.
    • The customer can check the subscription contract details in his/her website account.


    Once your setup is successfully completed, you will be able to see a new Menu SaaS Kit.

    Creating SaaS Products For Clients

    The SaaS products would show up on your Odoo website for the customer to buy them and start their Odoo SaaS subscription service. The price of the plans is managed through the products.

    Go to Website >> Products >> Create.

    Enter the name of the product and select the product type as Service. A new tab SaaS now appears in the form. Click on it.

    Here, once you create the SaaS plans, you can add the plan to the product.

    You can also create variants of the product. Such a monthly, weekly or yearly type product subscription.

    Fill in the other details and save the product.

    Creating Odoo SaaS plans

    Now, go to SaaS Kit >> SaaS Plans >> Create.

    Enter the name of the plan. Say, Website Triple Yearly Plan.

    Then select the bill cycle frequency in days, weeks, months, etc. Also, enter the number of cycles.

    For Example, if you select the billing cycle as 1 month and the number of cycles as 3, then the plan will run for 3 months.

    You can choose to include the trial period in days. 0 means no trial period.

    Now, click on the Related modules tab. Here click on add item to add the modules which the customer would get access to, with the plan. Save the plan.

    Now, go to the product. Open the SaaS product you just created and click on the SaaS tab. Here add the SaaS plan.

    Once you add the plan to the product, it also shows on the related product in the SaaS plan.

    Buying The Odoo SaaS Plan

    The customer needs to purchase the plan from your Odoo website to activate his Odoo SaaS service subscription.

    Login to the Odoo website as A Customer. Click on any SaaS plan to open the product page.

    Here you can see the variants of the plans. Select the desired variant. Say, quarterly.

    The quantity of the plan add the cart would determine the number of cycles for the plan.

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    For example, if you select 2 quantities of Quarterly plan, then plan becomes a half-yearly plan with six billing cycles of one month each or 2 billing cycles if 3months each.

    Proceed to the checkout and place the order.

    The admin can also create the SaaS order for the customers manually in the Odoo.

    As Admin, go to SaaS Kit >> SaaS contracts >> Create

    Here select the billing cycle/frequency, purchase date and the number of billing cycles.

    Then add the client under partner and suitable SaaS product under invoice product.

    Creating An Odoo SaaS instance

    Once the order is confirmed, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the registered email address of the customer.

    Also, at the same time, the system creates a SaaS contract for the customer in Odoo. The state of the contract remains as a draft until the customer creates his/her Odoo instance.

    The email contains a link which the customer can use to set the sub-domain name for his/her Odoo SaaS instance.

    Click on the link, it would redirect you to the server. Choose the sub-domain. (The name should be unique) and click on create.

    The system will create your separate Odoo instance.

    Now the state of the contract changes to confirmed in Odoo

    Now, another email is sent to the customer’s registered email address. This email contains the login details of the customer’s Odoo SaaS instance along with the link.

    Click on the link, login to the Odoo instance and start using the Odoo purchased Odoo modules.

    The instance would expire with the expiration of the purchased plan.

    The admin can also manually create the instance for the customer. As the admin, open the SaaS contract.

    Here you can send the set subdomain email to the customer.

    Or, enter the name of the domain under the domain name and then click on create and confirm client.

    Once the Odoo Saas instance is created, the login email is sent to the customer.

    Managing the Odoo SaaS Plans As Customer

    The customers can view the details and history of their Odoo SaaS contracts through their Odoo website account.

    As a customer, click on My Account on the Odoo website. Click on Saas Contacts to view the list of all of your SaaS contracts.

    Open any contracts to view the details.

    You can also send the subdomain name email (if not already set) to your registered email address from here and create your Odoo instance.


    Was this guide helpful? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!

    Current Product Version - 1.0.1

    Supported Framework Version - ODOO V11

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    Thank you for the presentation but could we have a link for the demo
    • Vikram Saini
      Hi there,

      The module is going under major updates.

      Please drop an email to our support team at so they can provide you with the latest demo link.

      They will be able to help you with other queries as well.

      Thank you

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