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    Odoo POS Restaurant Join Tables


    Managing the tables manually can be a headache for POS users in restaurants. Therefore,  every restaurant is opting for ERP solutions for providing table management etc.

    Now let’s take a scenario- A customer went to the restaurant for the dinner party with 8 members, but the table occupancy in the restaurant was for 4 people. In this case, POS user will arrange for 1 more table and will join this table with the previous one in his restaurant for the guests.

    We at Webkul can help you gain proper control over the table management in your restaurant.“Odoo POS Restaurant Join Tables/ Odoo POS Merge Tables” provides the functionality of joining 2 or more tables together as per the customer’s need.

    Moreover, a POS user has the facility to separate the already joined tables in the POS session.

    Primary Function

    • According to customer’s request, POS users can join 2 or more tables.
    • It facilitates you with the feature of joining tables with already joined tables.
    • It also provides with the feature of separating joined tables any time in running POS session.
    • A pop up arises on order validation to separate table automatically.
    • At the backend, information about joined tables is saved.


    Let’s have the look on the functionality of the  Odoo POS Restaurant Tables.

    Joining of Two Tables Together

    The initial step is to join tables together. First and foremost step is to select the tables which you want to join. As an instance, we have selected table (T1 and T2) to join it together.

    Select the tables and simply click on “+” icon to join the tables together.

    The resulted view of joined tables is shown in the screenshot below.

    The information about the joined tables is saved in the backend.

    Separate Joined Tables 

    If you want to separate the joined tables, simply select the tables which you want to separate and click on “-” icon.

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    The view of separated tables(T1 and T2)

    Also, while validating the order, a pop-up message arises asking for separating the tables.

    Joining Already Joined Tables

    If you want to join the already joined tables with other tables then, simply click on “+” icon or in case you want to separate the tables click on“-“ icon.

    The result of joining 1more table with already joined tables.

    The Bottom line of the module

    Odoo POS Join Tables Restaurant is used to join tables in the restaurant as per the requirement of the customers. They can join as many tables as they want. Moreover,  This is done to retain the customers and to build the loyalty of the customers towards the hotel or restaurant.

    We are here to help you

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    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Thanks for reading!!

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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