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Odoo Remote Work: Set Up Work From Home In Your Business With Odoo

Updated 30 April 2020

Remote Work Is Here to Stay…..And It can pay off for employees and employers alike.

Remote workplace environments are no more limited to freelancers and for Self entrepreneurs but have become commonplace in companies with many industries embracing this paradigm shift.

Remote Work, Telecommuting or Work From Home; it means your employees can work from their homes or otherwise without physically committing them to the insides of Office workspace.

Do You Know: Employees who work remotely are found to be more productive than the In-Office Employees.

But What do you need to set up a Remote Workplace environment for your employees!!!

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In the succeeding sections, we will provide a vivid description of how easily you can progressively implement & monitor the Work-From-Home Model in your Business using Odoo.

Benefits Of Remote Workspace Model

  • Your labor Force and hiring Power becomes Unbound By geographical constraints 
  • Without a location-based Model, you can dive deeper into the Talent Pool from around the world.
  • It helps to Improve Work-Life Balance in your organization.
benefits of Odoo Remote Work
  • You can Transcend Geographical Boundaries and provide some Latitude to Employees.
  • Explore Expanding Opportunities From a Local To Global Scale. 
  •  Enhanced Flexibility For Employees.

Types Of Remote Working Environments/Models

Before committing yourself to this venture of introducing Work-From Home to your employees With Odoo, you need to determine the type, frequency, and depth of execution in your organization.

Different Companies allow different levels of liberty to the employees to allow Remote work.


1.) Geographical located Office Building with Occasional Work From Home

Your main corporate building is located physically at someplace and the employees Work From Home occasionally. The frequency can once or twice or more per week. Your employees need to be available at the office except on the days of remote work.

2.) Geographically Located Office building with permanent work from home

Your building has a physical location but some or all the employees Work From Home on a permanent basis. The employees are managed from a web-based or mobile accessed software. 

Similarly, the employees manage their daily tasks from the same application.

The model curtails the necessity for the employees to be present at the office thereby expanding the scope of human resources you can bring into your business.

3.) No physically established building with all employee working remotely

Though rare, this type of model corresponds to the situation where the people running the business or involved in the venture can not come together in one place.

This model makes it possible for the business to not have a physical office and collaborate with the employees and manage the business remotely in its entirety.

Elements To Set Up Remote WorkSpace Environment

Work From Home isn’t an esoteric concept.

In Fact, it has become ubiquitous with the advancement of technology; with over 70% of the people around the globe working remoting at least once a week.

Whether its an In-Office Work or Work-From-Home Model, it all boils down to having a few elements in place at your end to ensure employee productivity and proper management.

Working-Environments for Odoo remote work

Attendance Monitoring: The employee’s ability to mark his/her attendance remotely. And the efficient management at your end to monitor the same. Also, you need to place program rules to restrict any false attempts.

Task Tracking: Most Importantly, you need to ensure that the tasks given to remote employees are executed in a timely manner and meet the deadlines. You also need to check what work was undertaken at what time by the employee who is allowed to Work From Home.

Ensure Proper Team Handling, Even Remotely: You need to make sure that team leaders and managers are always able to track the employee at any time and handle his given tasks using the software application. They should have access to the remote employees’ work reports to measure their efficiency.

Inter-department fluidity: Even in a remote Workplace environment, each department should be in continuous sync with the other to curtail hindrance in communications.

What Is Odoo Remote WokForce Management?

Apres-analysis of defining parameters you need a configurable software that could incorporate all the requirements and is cost-effective. Odoo in itself is present a number of innate features to manage projects, employees, and attendance.

Now.. How Odoo can help you set up Remote Workplace in your Business!!

Odoo Remote WorkForce management is the concept solution to use Odoo and its modules to make tracking and monitoring of your remote employees easier. It tends to build upon the present functionalities and inculcate enhancements in them to suit your Business.

Taking Default Odoo apps and customizing them to your needs can truly empower your business to garner a solution to your Work-From-Home problem.

Odoo Remote Work Management

Let’s See Step-By-Step How Odoo can help you set up Remote Workplace in your Business!!

1.) Manage Access Rights For Employees

In light of Safety Concerns, Compartmentalizing their Data access is a must for Work-From-Home Employees.

The first and foremost element for any business is that employees should have access to only required elements since Work-From-Home brings extra liability of data protection on you.

With Odoo you can manage access to various settings and elements for various users. The remote working employees can access their own records only.

Managers and Team leads can have access to his/her team members. Odoo Empowers you to restrict access for users as per the requirements.

Odoo remote work

2.) Odoo Attendance App

The Next Step is marking attendance Of your Remote Employees using Odoo.

The Odoo attendance module would allow your employees to allow for Work-For-Home to mark their attendance remotely using Odoo.


For each employee, a Check-In and Check-Out entry is marked in Odoo every time the employee checks in and out from his end.

While employees can only see their attendance, the managers with proper access can monitor the attendance of their teammates. HR can see the attendance of all the employees.

3.) Odoo Project App – Tasks Management

Going further down, you also need to manage the tasks of telecommuting employees.

  • Use the project App you can create the daily, weekly, monthly tasks for your remote employees.
  • Create new projects And Assign a project to each task.
  • Set different stages for each task to set the status of the task as per the progress.
    New > work in progress > testing > development > Done
  • Next, set employee goals with Gamification App to monitor efficiency.

Once the tasks are created… How can you use Odoo to see which task was worked upon at what time?

Odoo Project Start/Stop Module

  • adds a trigger to all the created tasks. The employee working from Home needs to click the start button on the task he/she is doing.
  • The employee can start only one task at a time.
  • Further, remote employees can only start/stop his/her own tasks only.
  • Every Start/stop action makes an automatic entry to the timesheets of the tasks showing the time-interval for which the task was worked upon by the employee.
odoo Remote work task management

4.) Ensuring Appropriate Team Involvement In Projects

Since the employees who Work From Home are not constrained in an office space, it means the members do not have physical contact with each other. Subsequently, team management becomes an important concern for you.

You need a system in place to maintain team hierarchy, allow managers to monitor tasks and attendance of the employees to make the model productive for your organization.

With the Odoo advanced Team management module, you can manage teams in Odoo for your Work-From-Home Employees 

  • Create Teams and assign members to them.
  • Assign team Leaders with access rights to manage the created teams.

Adding further flexibility, different layers can be added within the team to further monitor Work-From-Home Employees at various levels.

5.) Studying Daily Work Reports

At the end of the day, it is not possible to monitor each task of each employee if the scope of your Work From Home workplace is expansive.

In this scenario, Daily and Weekly Work Reports become a quasi-essential element of work From Home employees.

With Odoo daily work reports module, instill the functionality of submitting daily work reports for the Work-From-Home Employees using Odoo

  • Each remote employee submits his/her daily report in Odoo.
  • The manager can track each task, its total work duration in the entire day using the Odoo daily report.
odoo remote work daily report
  • Also, see the total time spent on the tasks in one shift by the Work-From-Home Employee. 
  • The status of the submitted report can be set to pending. It would entitle the report to be analyzed and then approved by the manager or the Team Lead.
  • You can further customize it to show other elements such as shift timings, including comments in the work reports.


With the aforementioned elements, you are can easily implement Work from Home Model Using Odoo in your Business.

However, the utility of Odoo does not end here. You can enhance each of these elements further to suit your business type and environment.

You can also develop new modules as per your requirement to further enhance the Remote Workplace.

The scope of customization depends upon the type of requirement you wish to deploy in Odoo.  The flexibility of Odoo to be highly scalable and customizable make all this possible. 

Do you have queries on how can you achieve a perfect Remote WorkForce Management Model in your Business?

Get In touch with Our experts to find the best available solution for Odoo Work From Home Model.

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