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    Odoo: Product Wishlist

    What is a Wishlist and Why you need them: 

    In terms of e-commerce, wishlist are digital collections of items/products that shoppers would like to buy. Having a wishlist in store, allows visitors to window-shop on your store, and even if they have don’t have any intention to buy a product, some of the products may attract their attention, and they may plan to buy them in the future. Shoppers don’t always write down the names of products they visited earlier where they can refer to in the future, and this is where the wish list comes in handy.

    Studies have shown that allowing your customers to save their own Wishlist can increase your sales and conversions. Letting your customer to have a list of product which they wish and share them with their family or friends on occasions indeed impacts your sales conversion. It also benefits the shopper in equal measures. It allows them to remove hassle in browsing their favorite products again and again.

    Advantages as a Seller:

    • Helps to keep a track of popular products desired by shoppers.
    • Analyze customer’s choices.
    • Offer promotional offers/deals on popular product to increase sales.

    Advantages as a Shopper/Customer:

    • Customers don’t need to remember their browsing history.
    • Help them to keep a separate list of desired products which they intend to buy in near future.
    • Compare favorite products and add them to cart.

    Odoo: Product Wishlist app features

    • Offer registered customers a wishlist to save their favorite products.
    • As a seller keep track of popular products being added to wishlist.
    • Tested with almost all themes in Odoo.

    Working of the Application

    After the installation of Odoo: Product Wishlist app, registered customers in the shop can add their favorite products to their wishlist, which they intend to buy or buy in near future. Adding products to wishlist is very simple, with just a single click select combination of product is added to wishlist.

    Depending upon when a customer wants to buy a product which is in his/her wishlist, they can move the products from wishlist to their cart also with ease. Just need to click ‘Move to Cart’ button and product will be added to their cart.

    Our Odoo app Odoo: Product Wishlist also assists sellers to keep a track of popular products which are being added to a customer’s/shopper’s Wishlist. A complete list of products which are currently available in all customer’s/shopper’s wishlist is available under the ‘Sales’ menu. One can track the number of customer who have added any particular product to their wishlist.

    You can add the Odoo: Product Wishlist app to your online store and enhance the sale by giving customers/shoppers option to add product(s) which they like and intend to buy in near future.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version -

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo 8

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