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Odoo POS Membership Cards


A customer is an indispensable factor of a business, they are the resource upon which the success of the business depends.Therefore in order to attract and retain customers, we have come up with a module name POS Membership Cards which allows a user to provide best offers to his valuable customers. A seller can create various membership templates and can define discount on them accordingly with a particular validity period and then assign it to the desired customers.


  • A seller can create various membership templates with some associated discounts.
  • Membership cards are created and then assigned to the customers.
  • Customers can use their membership cards to avail discount on their orders.
  • In addition, a seller can apply the membership card by scanning membership card barcode.
  • Also, a seller can assign more than one membership card to the customer.

Backend Configuration of POS Membership card

Create Membership Template

To create Membership Template Goto-Point of Sale>Membership Template

Firstly mention the name of a Template with discount and a validity period.

For instance-Template name-Gold, Discount-50%, Default Validity Period-1

Create Membership Card-

To create Membership Card Goto-Point of Sale>Under Customer Membership, select Create Card and then mention the required details and save them.

Note-You can generate the membership card code automatically as well as manually.

Membership Card Configuration-Membership Card discounts will be applied accordingly on the basis of the settings on backend configurations.

Go to-Point of Sale>Settings under Configuration-

Condition1-Overriding Existing Discounts(if exists)-

1-Override all existing discounts

2-Override existing discounts which are less than membership card discounts

Condition2-Ignore Membership discount if discount already exists.

Depending on your requirement you can assign either one or more than one membership cards to the customers.

Print Membership Card-At the same time print the membership card, a seller can apply membership card by scanning membership card barcode.

Apply membership card on Point of Sale

On the payment screen of Point of Sale there will be an option of Membership Card, click on that in order to apply the membership discount, enter the Membership Code and then continue with the amount left for payment.


In a case of any further query feel free to raise a ticket at or drop a mail at

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Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - v9 and v10

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