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5 ways of Providing a Discount to your POS Customers in Odoo

Updated 17 October 2018


Now easily provide discounts to your POS Customers using our various Odoo POS Discounts modules!

62% of consumers spend two hours each week searching for deals and special offers. And this is the time to catch the opportunity to trigger your customer to load his shopping cart.

Generally, when a customer heard the word “Offers/Discount” then definitely he will review your shop page and it is the best strategy for retaining your Old customers and gaining new ones. It can be done in various ways like- Providing Loyalty and Rewards Program, Coupons, and many other ways.

But how to do that in Odoo!

For Odoo POS there is default feature available for providing discounts on the POS Cart.

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But what if you are providing coupons, loyalty programs, and many other offers also from your POS Shop!

In this post, I will share how you can provide numerous types of discount to your POS customers with Odoo POS Discounts Plugins.  So let’s get the ball rolling!

Let’s get started..

Here are the listed plugins using which discount can be provided through different ways-

Odoo POS Order Discount –

  • Providing Seasonal Promotions is one of the key parts for elevating your sale.
  • For instance, providing a discounted price on the occasion of  “Christmas” will definitely bring your customer’s attention.
  • Considering this approach we are going to introduce you to our module “Odoo POS Order Discount
  • This module perfectly fulfills this scenario of Seasonal Offers.
  • Let’s have a quick overview of this module’s workflow-
  • A customer visits your POS Shop and you want to provide a promotional discount on the particular order placed by the customer.
  • So based on different “Promotional Discounts” created at Odoo backend like -“Christmas Offer” with 50% discount, New Year Discount of 40% you can discount the price for your customer.
  • Also not an only percentage but you can provide a fixed amount discount too.

To put the cherry on top here is the chart showing the impact of  Holiday Season on Sales-
(Image Src-

Odoo POS Coupons- 

  • When it comes to “Coupon” our face gleams with joy because we know that we are getting some exciting offers/discount on it.
  • Giving Coupon is one of the best ways of attracting your customers
  • “Advertising Age (the Bible of the advertising industry) reports that 87% of all shoppers use coupons.”
  • So why not you use this idea at your Shop, for sure it will improve your sale.
  • Here’s coming another gem of ours “Odoo POS Coupon”
  • Using this you can create various coupons/vouchers for your customers from POS interface as well from Odoo Backend.
  • With each coupon, there will be a unique code which customer can use at the time of redemption.

Odoo POS Membership Cards- 

Odoo POS Loyalty Management-

Still not convinced! check our next plugin.

Odoo POS Gift Cards-

  • As per “Vantiv” (Worldpay, Inc.)- About 2/3 of your gift card purchasers spend 38% more with you than the value of the gift card they purchase
  • Providing Gift Card/Certificate in of the best strategy to improve the performance of your business. It plays a vital role in retaining your customers.
  • A customer can buy Gift Cards for their near and dear ones. So that they can purchase whatever they want as per their wish. No need to worry about the choices.
  • Let’s have a look to our module Odoo POS Gift Card Module using this you can create various Gift Card for your customers. Every Gift Card will have a “unique code” which a customer can redeem at the time of making payment.
  • So for those salespeople who run their POS Shop must have a look at this module as your wait is over now.



If you are running your POS shop then no wonder that you will provide discounts to your customers. So why not to try different ways of providing the discount.

Try our plugins and check its impact on the sale of your business.

Get your stakes on!  and have a look at our POS Discount modules.


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