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    Odoo Multi Website Event Extension

    Updated 7 August 2018


    According to Forrester research, events contribute to the largest marketing expense for most B2B marketing companies. All CMO spends about 24% of their total annual budgets on live events for the purpose of connecting the audience well and to educate them well. Before the advent of all-in-one event management software, managing event was a very precarious task and third-party apps were used to manage the events which were quite difficult to give meaningful results. As Events are trends nowadays. Therefore, this is the main reason behind the use of modern event management apps.

    With Webkul’s “Odoo Multi Website Event Management/ Odoo Online Event Platform” is an extension of a multi-website that allows displaying multiple events that allow displaying multiple events for the multi-website. The users of the website will be restricted from viewing the events that are not allowed on their websites will be restricted from viewing events that are not allowed on their websites and will be able to access the events allowed on the particular websites.


    • It displays Multiple Events for different Websites
    • Users will be restricted from accessing the events that are not allowed on a particular Website.
    • Admin has all the rights to access all the events.
    • Separate Menus for events on different Websites.
    • It is an easy interface to use

    How does it work?

    Let’s have a quick peek on the configuration of the module.

    Website View

    These are the various events of the electronic websites. The domain for event website is (domain =

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    These are the events of the clothing site. The domain for clothing website is (domain =

    Admin view

    Mention the Website on which event is allowed.

    Final Note

    Apparently, many of the marketing teams are investing in live events. Most of the event management companies are purchasing event management software in order to manage their events properly. “Odoo Multi Website Event management/ Odoo Online Event Platform” software can be a blessing for the event managers to manage properly manage their events.

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    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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