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    Odoo Multi Website Blog Extension


    Have you ever read an interesting blog post and thought Wow, the blog is really nice! The text of the blog post must be so attractive so that it should keep on increasing the traffic to the website. The content of the webpage is crawled by the search engine and commonly used words and phrases. Recently, there is the trend in e-commerce industry to optimize a site with rich content. Use visualizing approach for writing the blog post.  On an average, readers are attracted by your headline and then proceed on further for the body copy.  Since blogs play a significant role in increasing the traffic on your site and also improves webpage. While writing the blog, SEO plays a very significant role. Results of the SEO will reflect in long-term.

    Here is an extension by Webkul which will help you in writing an attractive blog.  Odoo Multi Website Blog Extension is an extension of Multiple Website that allows displaying multiple blogs for multiple websites. With the help of our module, the users of the website will be restricted from viewing the blogs that are not allowed on their websites and will be able to access the blogs allowed on the particular Website.

    This blog extension is dependent on the base module Odoo Multi Website


    • It displays multiple blogs for different websites.
    • Users will be restricted from accessing the blogs that are not allowed on a particular Website.
    • Admin has the authority to right to access all the blogs.
    • There are separate Menus available for blogs on different websites.
    • An easy to use interface.

    Working Procedure

    Let’s take a quick peek at the procedure of the module that how it works.

    Initially, mention the website for which blog will be dispalyed. Follow the path Website>Blogs and do all the required settings for the blog.

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    This window shows the blog menu of the particular site. Follow the path Website>Menus to view the blog menu.

    Website view

    On the website, the electronics blog appears.

    Another clothing blog is displayed on the website.

    Need help?

    So in the end, Blog posting is an activity to attract readers with the trait of visual appealing. Generally, people have a myth that blog posting for multi-website is a very easy task, but it is not. For the bloggers those who want to write the blog for multi-website. They can easily write the blog with the help our module Odoo Multi website Blog Extension.

    This will help to make your e-commerce website a content rich site. Hoping that you have got some idea of how to write the blogs for multi-website. Please do not forget to share your reviews and feedback about this under the comment box mentioned below.

    For any kind of inquest, you may raise a ticket at or also you can write us at [email protected].


    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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