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    Odoo Marketplace Stripe Connect


    Odoo Marketplace Stripe Connect will split the payment among the seller(s) and admin dynamically. Odoo marketplace stripe connect module helps with payment which will be done through Stripe hosted checkout form. Marketplace Stripe payment is used to accept online payments over the Internet anywhere in the world. Marketplace Stripe connect handles everything, including storing card details, payment split, full refund & partial refund. The module handles direct payouts to your bank account. Users enter their credit card details during the checkout process and never leave your site, resulting in a better experience for the user, and more successful conversions for you.

    NOTE : This Module is dependent on Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace


    • Stripe Payment Method added to your site
    • Payment will be done through Stripe hosted checkout form
    • Buyer will not be redirected to other site for payment
    • At the time of checkout, payment will split between the seller(s) and admin
    • Enable/disable payment method from admin panel
    • Admin/Seller can manage refund directly from their stripe account
    • Faster payment processing
    • Allow sellers to register themselves using stripe connect
    • Supports all the cards that stripe supports
    • Customers can save their card for the future purchase
    • Customers can delete their saved card from their account section
    • Covers 100% PCI compliance



    Once done with the module installation follow the mentioned configuration settings.

    Admin site

    Click on accounting menu then under payments> click on payment acquirers  and select Marketplace stripe connect (A payment gateway to accept online payments via credit cards and split payment for multiple recipients.)

    seller site

    After seller login, click on seller dashboard. Now, under configuration> click on stripe payment. This will help seller to connect stripe account to receive payment through stripe by clicking “connect with stripe” button. When seller click on the button, it will redirect to stripe website.

    Fill all the required fields accordingly.

    Then click on “authorise access to this account” button which will helps you to connect with the stripe account.

    Once the process completed successfully, it will again redirect to stripe page with status and this will help to make the seller stripe connected with admin stripe. This also help to update the stripe account details through “update stripe” button and also helps to disconnect connection by clicking on “disconnect from stripe” button.

    To get stripe test/live API keys

    To get Stripe test/live API keys, under Stripe “your account”> click on “account settings”.

    Now, a popup window will appear and on this click on API keys menu, test secret key and live secret key will appear which can be used for test mode and live mode respectively. 

    Once done with the connection formation, it will redirect to URL pop up window where seller will find redirect URLs for development and production respectively.

    Refund Process

    Hence, By clicking on Refund payment button seller can select on pop up window whether seller want to make full refund or partial refund under transactions menu> payments> select partial/full refund and click on “refund” button.

    Seller can also check payments details under transaction menu> payments.

    Back Panel Settings

    All transactions acquired with their status by Marketplace Stripe Connect will be maintained under accounting> Payments menu> payment transactions.

    By selecting particular payment transactions, all details related to that transaction will appear along with its status. 

    To view the payments/transactions related to particular seller, under seller Dashboard menu> sales> Seller payments.

    It also facilitate to check the particular seller stripe details from seller’s profile.

    Front-end view

    Once done with the order shipping and billing address on order page under payment menu, select payment method as Marketplace stripe connect and then click on pay now. Buyer can now proceed with the payment on the popup form where buyer can specify credit card details.

    When buyer click on pay button, if payment is made successful with correct details the button will changes to green with a tick mark and then redirect buyer to the website.

    A waiting popup with “wait stripe is redirecting you” message will appear.

    Now on order confirmation page all payment details will appear with the payment method selected for specified amount and transaction status.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo10x

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  • Danizan
    I was wondering if this addon can work without e-commerce module? I’m only allowing portal user to pay their invoices in the front-end.
    • Megha Joshi
      Hello Danizan,
      Odoo Marketplace Stripe Connect module is dependent upon eCommerce (website_sale) but our module is fully customizable so if you elaborate your complete requirement then we can check the feasibility of customization. For further discussion, you can drop us a mail at-


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