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    Odoo Marketplace Pre-Order


    Odoo Marketplace Pre-Order: This module can help to order the product which is out of stock and make that product available for pre-order. This module helps the seller to set out of stock products for preorder. Admin can also make a product available for pre order as per his need.

    Marketplace pre-order allows placing an order for a product before it is available for purchase.

    Pre-order allow consumers to guarantee immediate shipment on the availability of stock. Manufacturers can gauge how much demand there will be, and sellers can be assured of minimum sales. Additionally, high pre-order rates can be used to increase sales.


    •  A seller can increase their sale by pre-ordering their products.
    •  A seller can set out of stock products for preorder.
    •  The seller can set either full amount or percentage of the amount to be paid for preorder.
    •  A seller can set minimum and maximum quantity that can be preordered by a customer.


    After buying this app from our Webkul store you will get the link for downloading the zip file. Simply download it and extract then you will see the marketplace_preorder folder, now you will have to copy this app folder inside your Odoo addons path.

    Now simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to settings menu and click on activate the developer mode.
    2. Now go to apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
    3. Remove the app’s filter and search for the marketplace_preorder key.
    4. Now you will see the module then simply install it.

    After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in module’s workflow.

    Now helps your customer to order the product which is out of stock



    After installation of the module, an admin needs to set some configuration. So to manage pre-order settings admin has to click on configuration from Website >>Webkul website Add-ons>>Website pre-order >>configuration.

    From here admin can select payment type which could be either complete (where the whole amount of the product is to be paid to book a pre-order product) or percent payment(where a defined percentage is set which is to paid to book a pre-order product), manage the quantity, edit messages and manage notification settings.


    Since admin has the authority to approve and edit the seller’s product, therefore, admin can change the pre-order settings for a seller’s product.

    Admin can also override default pre-order configuration of sellers approved product.

    When the complete payment option is selected complete amount of the pre-ordering product is to be paid.

    Since there are two payment options available in this module, percentage payment and complete payment. 

    In percentage payment, admin, as well as the seller, can set the percentage amount to be paid when the customer will Pre-order the product.


    When creating a new product Available for Pre-order icon is to be checked to make that particular product available for Pre-ordering.

    Also, Pre-order Tab will be introduced at the Seller’s end from where pre-order settings can be edited. From pre-order tab, the Seller can set pre-order date which will determine when the product will be available for pre-order.

    To override default pre-order setting seller needs to check the Override Default Pre-order Configuration field after which admin will be able to set pre-order payment type and pre-order maximum quantity is that quantity up to which the customer can order, exceeding this quantity a warning message will be displayed

    In percentage payment, the seller can set the percentage amount to be paid when the customer will Pre-order the product.


    If the product is set for pre-order by the seller or admin, the message will be displayed under the product in the grid view of the shop despite being out of stock.

    Available for Pre-order message will be displayed beside the product if the product is set for pre-order by the seller in the list view.

    Pre-order button will appear in the product view with the defined custom message and details set from the backend, by clicking on this button the product despite being currently unavailable will be ordered for that customer.

    A warning message will be displayed if customer tries to add a partial pre-order product with regular items as it will create chaos while payment.

    Customer can check his quotations on the website in a defined manner. This module provides a descriptive view to customers regarding their orders.


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V9/V10

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