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    Odoo Idea Management

    Updated 3 July 2023


    Grow your Business with Odoo Idea Management!

    Every employee in the organization has a different thought process, a different way of working, and also have different ideas related to their work. Sometimes these ideas are more impactful in your business growth but not all the employees can keep their ideas in front of the higher authorities. To resolve this issue Webkul comes up with the module ‘Odoo Idea Management’. Now, with the help of Odoo Idea Management, everyone’s idea will reach the higher authorities.

    Odoo Idea Management module lets your users too to create their ideas for your Odoo store. Then after knowing the rate of success of those ideas, managers can approve or disapprove the ideas from the backend. The final decision will be notified to the Related users automatically. It also give a chance to the related user to modify or cancel the ideas before they are approved or rejected by the managers. It also helps to manage the record of the rejection reasons. For every created idea mail notifications will be sent for different stages which could be rejection, approval, etc.


    1. Using this app admin can easily manage their user ideas.
    2.  Admin/Managers can create and manage idea categories.
    3.  Internal users can create their own ideas. For ideas approval, a user can request to the manager.
    4.  A manager can easily approve/deny/cancel the user’s ideas.
    5.  A user can cancel their ideas if it’s not in the approved state.
    6.  Every cancel/deny action will ask for a reason which will be recorded in the system.
    7.  Mail will be sent to the manager once any user will request for his/her idea approval.
    8.  After approval/rejection/cancellation user will get notified quickly.


    1. Once you purchase the App from the Webkul store, you will receive the link to download the zip file of the module.
    2. Extract the file from your system after the download finishes. As a result, you will be able to see a folder named- ‘idea_management’.
    3. Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Add-Ons path.
    4. Now, open the Odoo Apps and then, click on the Settings menu. Here, click on Activate the Developer Mode.
    5. Then, open the Apps menu and click on the ‘Update Modules List’.
    6. In the search bar, remove all the filters and then, search ‘idea_management’.
    7. As a result, you will be able to see the module in the search result. Click on ‘Install’ to install it.


    1. Firstly, login to the ‘Odoo Instance’ and go to the ‘Project’ module.
    Odoo Project
    1. Now, go to the ‘Idea Categories’ under the ‘Idea Management’ menu and then click on the ‘Create’ button to create a new category.
    Odoo Idea Management
    1. Add Category Name, Responsible User, Parent Category if any and then click on the Save button.
    Idea Categories
    1. Responsible usersin the idea categories can also Create Ideas from their end. To create an Idea user needs to go to the Project module, now go to the Ideas under the Idea Management menu and click on the create button.
    Odoo Idea management
    1. Add Subject, Person related to Idea like Manager, Suggested by, and other members. Add Category, Related Project, and at last, also add a description of the idea and then save the idea. Now, Click on the Request For Confirmation button so that you can send a request to the Admin to confirm the idea.

    Idea is in the Pending State until you get the confirmation from the Admin.

    Request for Confirmation
    1. Admin has two choices either cancel the idea or confirm the idea. To confirm the idea simply click on the Request for Approval button, after pressing the button state changes from Pending to Confirmed.
    Confirm or Cancel the Idea
    1. After confirming the Idea, Admin again has two choices either Approve the idea or cancel the idea. To Approve the idea click on the Approve button and the state changes to Approved. To cancel the idea click on the Cancel then add a reason for cancellation and the state changes to Cancelled.
    Approve or Cancel the Idea
    1. A mail is triggered to all the followers at every action like when the Idea is Approved, Idea is Cancelled, Idea is Created.
    1. Related user can also check the related task of the idea directly from the Idea page.
    Odoo Idea Management
    1. Related User can also check the task related to ideas from Tasks section in Project Module.
    Task related to Idea
    1. The Related user also has right to cancel the idea by simply clicking on the Cancel Button.
    Cancel Button
    1. Add reason for cancellation and then click on the Cancel Now Button.
    Reason for Cancellation
    1. You can also check the mail for cancelling the idea also.
    Idea Cancellation mail


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    If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading!!

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V14, V13, V12, V11, V10

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