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    Odoo GST Ewaybill


    With the advent of GST, there was the transformation in Indian Logistics. Of course, E-way bill is the relief to the problems in this sector. Basically, E-Waybill is an electronically generated bill/document for some consignment/ movement or transportation of goods. Movement/transportation of goods can be done either inter-state or intra-state and e-way bills are generated for the amount more than Rs.50000. Moreover, every registered person must require the E-way bill along with the transportation of goods and services.

    Similarly, Webkul is offering you the best application “Odoo GST E-way Bill” which allows you to generate e-way bills for the bills generated from the GSTN portal(E-way Bill). In addition, our application helps to generate E-way Bill/ Consolidated E-Way Bill/ Vehicle Updation in JSON format which helps to file E-way Bill on GSTN Portal(E-Way Bill Portal).

    Also, you can check our another GST Module i.e Odoo GST Returns& Invoices.


    • A user-friendly application which helps to generate E-Way Bill in easy steps.
    • It allows you to create multiple transporters with their e-way bills.
    • An additional tab displays the list of E-Way bills orders with all the relevant details.
    • Under E-way Bill Details all the relevant details are present which are necessary for E-way bill generation.
    • There is an action for generating E-way bill/ Consolidate E-Way bill/Vehicle Updation in JSON format.
    • If the user wants to update vehicle-no for every order using “Update Vehicle No” button.
    • Vehicle-No update history is available in order comment section.
    • The module provides an interface for a consolidated E-Way bill where the user can fill desired details.
    • Unit Quantity Codes(UQC) is mapped with Odoo default measures.
    • Warehouse wise E-way bill source location is managed with the help of this module.

    How does it work

    The government has replaced the manual recording of transport or logistics with E-way bill system. E-way bills are raised before the shipping of goods and also include the proper details of the goods, their consignor, recipient, and transporter. Moreover, E-Way Bills carry the action of converting bills into JSON format.

    You can create Multiple transporters.

    All the relevant details of the E-way bill is mentioned under “E-way Bill orders” submenu. Follow the path GST E-waybill>E-Way Bill Orders.

    Enable “Generate E-Way Bill” option. Infront of you, an “E-Way Bill Details” tab will appear. Mention all the relevant details like source, Supply Type, Transportation Mode, Distance(Km), Destination, Sub Supply Type, Transporter, Transporter Id.


    E-Way bills carry actions for bulk operation. Generation of E-Way bills, Consolidation of E-Way Bills, Generation of Vehicle Updatation in JSON format. Three options are available “Generate E-Way Bill”, “Consolidate E-Way Bill”, “Generate Vehicle Update JSON” to get bills in JSON format.

    E-Way Bill generation in JSON Format.

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    While clicking on “Consolidated E-Way Bill” button. Mention all the relevant details in the arisen pop up.

    Click on “Update Vehicle number” button and mention the reason for updating the vehicle number.

    Vehicle-No update history is available in order comment section.

    Click on “GST E-Way Bills” and then on “Unit Quantity Code” submenu to map E-Way bill UQC with Odoo default measures.

    Ewaybill manages source location warehouse wise.


    Dissolution of state borders is the main achievement of government’s E-Way bill. The hindrance into any business was the amount of time-wasted at the state borders to validate the documents. This stopped the business to spread its wings beyond its home state. Our module”Odoo GST E-Way bill” adds tempering to the E-way Bills generation for the business. Please try our module once.

    This was all about the application. Just hoping that you had a great time in reading this blog. For more information, please log in to our website Have fun in reading this blog. I will be back again with more interesting blogs.

    For any kind of interrogation purpose, raise a ticket at or just drop us an email at


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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