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    Odoo Employee Loan Management System


    Odoo Employee Loan Management System: The module helps to manage requested employee loans along with their respective information in Odoo. The module provides an option to configure Loan EMI Start After and Refuse Request Generation Deadline. Helps to view all the current running loans, approved, canceled and rejected requests from the dashboard. An admin can Approve/disapprove loan request from employees, manage EMI from the approved loans. Moreover, An employee can also request to postpone the EMI of the current month.


    • Allows you to manage employee loans from the Odoo backend.
    • The dashboard shows the number of each type of loans running in the system along with approved, rejected, cancel and the loans in the draft state.
    • The employee can send a request for postponing the EMI for the current month which in turn can be approved or rejected by the admin.
    • The deductions for the EMI of a month would reflect in the payslip of the corresponding month.
    • The admin can configure the time in months to commence the EMIs after the loan has been approved for an employee. Say, if set for 2 months, the first EMI will be levied to the employee after 2 months of receiving the loan.
    • Also, the admin can set the deadline day before generation of EMI up to which an employee can fill for EMI postpone request.


    After buying this app from our Webkul store you will get the link for downloading the zip file. Simply download it and extract then you will see the emp_loan_management folder, now you will have to copy this app folder inside your Odoo addons path. Now simply follow these steps:
    1. Go to settings menu and click on Activate the Developer mode.
    2. Now go to the apps menu and Click on ‘Update Modules List’.
    3. Remove the app’s filter and search for the emp_loan_management key.
    4. Now you will see the module then simply install it.

    After installing you will be able to handle different functionality as mentioned in the module’s workflow.


    Once the module is installed successfully, click on the Employees menu.

    Employee Loan setting

    Under Loan Setting tab define the default time for Loan EMI Start After and Refuse Request Generation Deadline fields.

    Now, Under employee Loan menu>> you can select different options like Dashboard, employees Loans, and Loan types. 

    Employee Loan: Dashboard 

    On the dashboard page, you can check different types of loans with their respective status. 

    List of employee Loan Types

    To create the New type of loan, click on the Create button, now define the desired loan type and terms and conditions associated with the same and save it. 

    Employees Loan List

    Here, you can check the list of all employees loan with their respective status(draft, waiting for approval, approval and done) and other related information. 
    By clicking on the create button you can also create new employee loan. Define employee name, type of loan and tenure of the loan. Submit once done which will change the employee loan state from draft to waiting for approval.

    An employee can also cancel the requested loan.

    Click on Approved button to change the state from Waiting for approval to Approved
    If the admin declines the employee loan by clicking on the Declined button then a pop up will appear where admin can define the reason for rejecting the loan. Once done Save the information. 

    Request Loan tab 

    An employee can check his loan request by clicking on the tab Request Loan under the Employee profile.   By clicking on the tab EMIs an employee can check his loan EMI’s details. 

    List of EMIs with their respective state(pending payment, waiting for postponement, postponed and paid). 


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - Odoo11/ 12

    Supported Framework Version -

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  • Surya Nandamuri
    Thank You For the Information. Keep Posting. Very Useful
    • Megha Joshi
      Hello Surya,
      Thanks for the feedback.


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