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Odoo Employee Daily Work Report


 As you all are aware that daily work report is mandatory for every organization. Daily Work report defines 3 main features like 1). The accomplishment of goals 2). Achievement of goals 3). Manage the conflict that arises. A report is prepared in a standard way. Maintenance of daily work report will not only evaluates the performance of the employees but also will help in developing positive milestone. Sometimes work report will benefit a team because it will boost the energy of team members on daily basis.


So considering all these factors, Webkul is offering you an easy solution Odoo Employee Daily Work Report which allows the employers to observe the task of the employees. Therefore, it will reflect the accomplishment of each member and team members as well. Consequently, daily work report status will create clear work goals and enhance work performance of the employees.


  • Employees have the authority to send their work report by using this module.
  • You Can Introduce new group for work report.
  • If an employee has forgotten to send his work report then he/she can send his last 5 days working report to his employer.
  • Timesheet lines are automatically added to work report.
  • A user can introduce reporting managers in the department.
  • A user can introduce reporting manager for a particular employee.

Workflow of the module

Let’s begin with the course of action towards the workflow of the module. Moving a step ahead to learn how employees can create their work report.

Initially, click on the highlighted icon to create your work report(refer the screenshot below)

When you will click on the icon, a pop up will arise showing all the relevant details regarding your work report will display.

In case you want to receive the copy of your own work report, then enable “Want to receive the copy of the mail” option. This will give you the copy of the work report.

In addition, if you want to submit the missing the work report for some day then mention the date for which you want to submit your work report(refer the screenshot below).

If your task is in working stage for which you are submitting the work report, then a pop up will arise with the information that stop your tasks first to submit today’s report.

Under “Reporting Managers” option, select the reporting managers. He will approve your work report.

Every employee has an associated reporting manager. He will approve the daily work report of the employee.

Employees daily work report is recorded in “Daily Reporting” submenu under “Daily Work Report” menu.

Just follow the path Employee> Task, to review work report lines of the employee.


So now employees those who were facing problems in submitting their work report in their organization. We have brought a simple solution for you, without wasting any of your efforts you can submit your work report. Submission of daily work report enhances the performance of the employees.

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Current Product Version - 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version - Odoo V11

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