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User Guide for Odoo Booking & Reservation Management

Updated 9 May 2024


Double your bookings with Odoo Booking & Reservation Management!

Managing staff overload, mismanagement, and the queue is quite troublesome. You require a solution that can make your work easier by sorting all your booking and management-related problems.

Odoo Booking & Reservation Management allows you to manage overpacked Office, reduce queues, double bookings, mismanagement, and staff overload.

In the Odoo backend, you can create a product type as ‘Booking Product.’ You can do this for any product or service that may require bookings from the customers.

Additionally, the module saves customers precious time by letting them book appointments at their convenience directly from the website. On the other hand, it eliminates the need to manually mark appointments for admin, thus resulting in better resource management.

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  1. Odoo Booking & Reservation Management allows customers to book appointments and reservations with the Odoo website.
  2. The Odoo admin can now create ‘Available For Booking’ products that enable the customers to book reservations and appointments with the business from the Odoo website. These products appear as time-based service products.
  3. The admin to include a start and end date for the booking while creating the product.
  4. You can add time slots as per the availability for the customers to book their slots.
  5. Moreover, you can set the maximum limit for the number of bookings/reservations from one account in the Odoo backend.
  6. On the Odoo website, customers can view these booking-type products.
  7. The customers can choose the available date, time-slots, and the number of bookings as per their choice and place the order to confirm their booking/reservation.
  8. Once the order is processed from the Odoo backend, the booking is confirmed for the customer.
  9. The module is AJAX powered, so the page changes dynamically as the changes occur. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page without reloading the whole page. The customers can see real-time availability for the slots making the process highly flexible and user-friendly.


1.) Once you purchase the App from Webkul store, you will receive the link to download the zip file of the module.

2.) Extract the file on your system after the download finishes. You will be able to see a folder named- ‘website_booking_system’.

3.) Copy and paste this folder inside your Odoo Add-Ons path.

4.) Now, open the Odoo App and click on the Settings menu. Here, click on Activate the Developer Mode.

5.) Then, open on Apps menu and click on ‘Update Modules List’.

6.) In the search bar, remove all the filters and search ‘website_booking_system’.

7.) You will be able to see the module in the search result. Click on ‘Install’ to install it.



1. Open the Odoo backend, go to ‘Booking & Reservation> Configuration> Plans’ and click the ‘New’ button.

navigate to the plans

2. Now, enter the ‘Name, Sequence, and Description’ and click the save button.

Fill all the details for creating booking plan

3. Next, go to ‘Configuration> Time Slot’ and click the ‘New’ button to create a time slot on the same page by entering ‘Start Time and End Time.’

creating a new time slot

4. After that, go to ‘Products> Products’ and click the ‘New’ button.

Create a new product by clicking on new button

5. Fill in all the details of the products and make sure to tick ‘Can be Sold’ and ‘Available for Booking.’ Once filled, click on the ‘Booking & Reservation.’

Fill the details in creating a product and then click on booking an reservation

6. Choose the ‘Start date and End Date.’ Moreover, enter the ‘Max Booking Qty’ and ‘Configure Day Slots.’

Enter all the details in the booking and reservation tab

7. On clicking ‘Add a Line’ in ‘Configure Day Slots,’ a popup will appear in which you have to enter ‘Day, Status(Closed/Open), and add booking Slots.’ Once done, click ‘Save & Close.’

add a line and a pop up will appear. Enter all the details and then save


8. On the website, go to ‘Shop’ and view the product with the ‘Book Now’ label over it. Open the product page by clicking on it.

book now label

9. On the product page, click the ‘Book Now’ button.

click the book now button

10. When you click the ‘Book Now’ button, a popup will appear. Asking you to select ‘Slot, Time, Plan, and Guest’ once you select all those, the ‘Total’ amount will automatically be shown on the lower-right side of the popup.  

10.1 After selecting every detail, click the ‘Book Now’ button to proceed further.

Once book now button is clicked a pop will appear

11. You can check your booking status from your account, go to ‘My Account> Sales Orders> Sales Order [number].’

sales order


12. Further, to view booking orders in the Odoo backend and confirm them, visit ‘Booking & Reservation> Orders> Orders’ to view all booking or reservation orders. Click on any order to view every detail of the sales order.

booking orders

13. Next, go to ‘Order> Order Lines,’ here you can view all the bookings on a calendar.

navigate to the order lines

14. After that, visit ‘Booking Analysis’ under ‘Reporting’ to view the data of booking according to the selected filter.

booking analysis to view the data of booking



Hope you find this guide helpful! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

If you still have any issues/queries regarding the module, please raise a ticket at

Also, please explore our Odoo development services & an extensive range of quality Odoo Apps.

For any doubt, contact us at [email protected].

Thanks for paying attention!!

Current Product Version - 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version - V15, V14, V13, V12, V11

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