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Odoo 9 Core – Leap Towards Excelling Business

Updated 15 April 2016


Odoo is a suite of enterprise management applications. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes Sales Management,Billing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Warehouse Management,and Project Management .The latest release of Odoo was its version 9 in which it has introduced many new core features.


  • Settings Dash Board
  • Side Menu Bar Visibility
  • Sales Dash Board Feature
  • Vendor Menu In Purchase
  • Settings Menu In Purchase
  • Fresh Customer Menu
  • New Discuss Menu
  • Accounting Dash Board
  • Accounting Reports
  • New Accounting Configuration Side Menu

Features In Details

Settings Dash Board

The Settings Dash Board is one the additional features introduced in Odoo 9.It has various Dash Boards representing browsing of Apps and Themes,User status and Access rights,Module Implementation status,Social features

Side Menu Bar Visibility

By default,in the Side Menu under any menu, all side menus items are not visible by default in Odoo 9 as it was in previous versions. To view all the side menus one needs to switch to Developer mode.Also to enable Technical Features for any user one needs to switch to Developer mode in Odoo 9

Sales Dash Board Feature

This is a fresh feature in Odoo 9. The Sales Dash Board gives a quick view of sales status based on Sales teams.

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The Option of MORE in the Sales Dash Board has many features such as viewing Quotations and Sales Orders,Creating New Quotation & Quotations and Sales Reports.One can also create Sales Teams from the Settings option available in the Dash Board.Colors of the Dash Board can also be altered just by clicking in the Color Bar.

Creation of Sales team can be achieved from the Settings option available on the Sales Dash Board. Invoicing targets can also be configured here for the concerned Sales Team

Vendor Menu In Purchase

The Vendor side menu is a new feature introduced in Odoo 9 under Purchase module, wherein you have a dashboard feature where you can check Vendor details through Tags,Purchase details icon and Sales icon for any particular vendor

Settings Menu In Purchase

The Settings menu in Purchase module is also a new feature introduced in Odoo 9. Here you can configure various features for your purchase orders :-
1)Product Variants :- Whether products would have variants or not for Purchase Orders
2)Unit Of Measures:- Whether products would have one or different Unit Of Measure(s)
3)Costing Methods:- Whether products have fixed cost price or have prices based on fixed,real or average costing method
4)Call For Tenders:- Enabling calling feature to get quotes
5)Advanced Call For Tenders:- Advanced calling features for Quotation
6)Vendor Price :- Manage vendor price on the product form or allow using and importing vendor Price List

You can also configure various features for Location and Warehouse also under the Settings Side menu like:-

1)Drop shipping:- You can configure here whether supplier can deliver to your Ware House or allow supplier to deliver to customer directly.


Fresh Customer Menu

The fresh Customer menu has certain additional features to its sub tabs:-
1) The Point of Sales Tab has been removed and a separate heading “Point Of Sales” is added under Sales Tab
2)An option of Archive is also added as a new feature
3)Under Sales and Purchases tab we now have separate headings wherein you can select whether that partner is a customer or a vendor
4)The word “Supplier” have been replaced with the word “Vendor”
5)Another heading “Misc” is added in Odoo 9 where Internal reference can be maintained for any Vendor
6)Heading “Payment” and “Warehouse” is also an added feature under


New Discuss Menu

The new discuss menu wherein you can follow and discuss any topic. You can receive emails here and also enable desktop notifications if required in Odoo itself.

Accounting Dash Board

The Accounting Dash Board is a fresh feature added to Accounting menu, wherein you can access major accounting topics from a single window, it has reduced the number of clicks hence time saving


Accounting Reports

The Reporting menu in Accounting have been updated with additional features in Odoo 9.Unlike previous versions of Odoo wherein under Accounting menu,in Odoo 9 we have two major reporting features i.e. Business Intelligence and PDF Reports.Under Business Intelligence we can analyze invoices based on reports generated by taking various parameters under consideration.

While under PDF Reports we can have reports in PDF format based on various parameters like General Ledger,Trial Balance, Balance Sheet

New Accounting Configuration Side Menu

The fresh Accounting Configuration side menu has new features added on to it
1) A new feature “Settings” has been added wherein we can fill accounting and financial information
2) There are another 4 modified features under configuration side menu which are Accounting,Management,Financial Reports and Payments. These features again have various sub features which enhances the Accounting module as a whole.s

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