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    Now, create your own API using NuSOAP

    NuSOAP (formerly SOAPx4) is a toolkit which provides simple API for building web services using SOAP.NuSOAP current version is 0.6.4, which provides simple API for making SOAP server/client applications and also supports features like WSDL generation, building the proxy class, using SSL, using HTTP proxy, HTTP authentication.

    Building APIs usingNuSOAP is damn easy. You just need to follow steps mentioned below:

    1. Downloading the NuSOAP

    First, download NuSOAP from here:

    2. Build the server

    Creating server using NuSOAP API is not a rocket science. You just need to import library file nusoap.php and other things can be understood from the code below.

    3. Creating Client

    Now, it’s time for you to create a client file that will hit the API. Use the following code to fetch the information from the server.

    4. Output

    The output at the client’s end would be like:


    . . .


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