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    Multichannel Shopify Odoo Bridge

    Shopify, an eCommerce platform comes with all the up to date eCommerce features, which an online seller definitely need to entice more customers and grow their online business in the competitive world of eCommerce.
    So, if you are one of those customers who has a Shopify store and want to use Odoo ERP as a single platform to manage your all Shopify orders, products, inventory, category, accounting etc from a single dashboard then you will need a connector which can provide you seamless data synchronization between these two platforms.

    After so many requests and increased demand for Shopify Odoo Integration, we have finally come up with a Shopify Odoo Bridge module to integrate these two platforms.
    Our Shopify Odoo connector provides synchronization of orders, customers, products, collections etc from Shopify to Odoo. The connector provides a default feature to export/update products and collections from Odoo to Shopify. Also, never let your products run out of stock with Multichannel Shopify Odoo bridge as it provides a real time stock sync feature from Odoo to Shopify.

    Multichannel Shopify Odoo Bridge Features:

    1. Synchronization of customers from Shopify to Odoo.

    2. Synchronization of collections from Shopify to Odoo.

    3. Import/update products from Shopify to Odoo.

    4. Export/update products from Odoo to Shopify.

    5. Export Categories from Odoo to Shopify

    6. Real-time stock sync from Odoo to Shopify.

    7. Import Orders from Shopify to Odoo along with info such as payment method, shipping carrier info, taxes, discount, delivery charges.

    8. If you do not want manual import of orders then you can use Cron(automatic scheduler) to automatically import orders from Shopify to Odoo.

    9. You can manually map Shopify products, categories, tax, shipping method etc to Odoo products, category, delivery methods.

    Multichannel Shopify Odoo Bridge Installation and Configuration:

    After downloading the module zip file, extract the Shopify_Odoo_bridge zip file and paste the file in your Odoo addon directory. Then go to your Odoo app store, update the app list and install the Shopify Odoo Bridge module.

    Please Note: Shopify Odoo Bridge module is dependent on Odoo Multichannel sale module. So, you need to install both modules to integrate Shopify store with Odoo.
    Also, make sure to provide admin access to the Odoo user of Multichannel sale app from the Odoo user setting otherwise Multichannel menu won’t show in your Odoo.

    To Configure the module, you will have to enter your Shopify store URL, API Key and API User details. After entering this details click on the “Test connection” button. If Odoo integrates with Shopify, a successful connection message will show on the screen after clicking on the “Test connection”.

    Shopify Odoo bridge configuration settings

    Check the below screenshot for configuration of the Odoo Shopify connector.

    Default pricelist: All the Shopify imported products prices will save in this default Odoo pricelist set in the connector configuration.

    Category: Here you need to select a default Odoo internal category. This default Odoo internal category will set as default category in all imported products from Shopify to Odoo.
    In Shopify, a product can be in multiple categories but in Odoo a product can have a single category. So this default category will set as a default category in the product in Odoo and all the Shopify categories assigned to a product will show in product “Extra Category” tab.

    Warehouse: In the warehouse, you need to select the Odoo warehouse where all the Shopify imported products will have stock. Also, all the imported Shopify orders will process from this warehouse.
    Stock Location: If there are multiple locations in a warehouse then here you need to select default Odoo location where actually stock will save of all the imported products.

    Auto Sync Stock: Shopify Odoo bridge has a default real time stock sync feature from Odoo to Shopify. So, you need to enable “Auto Sync Stock” for real time stock sync fro Odoo to Shopify.

    Auto Evaluate Feed: Whenever the Shopify Odoo connector fetches data like products, orders, customers etc from Shopify to Odoo, it first fetches the data as a feed before successfully creating it at Odoo end. After fetching data in the feed, it evaluates the data. If no error found during evaluation, then it will create data without any issue at Odoo end. But if there would be some issues in the imported data during the evaluation, it will not create it at Odoo end. So always make sure to enable this feed for auto evaluate.

    Discount product and Delivery product: These are default products which will show in Odoo sale order line if there are any delivery charges or discount is applied in a Shopify order.

    Multichannel Shopify Odoo Bridge Workflow:

    In Multichannel Shopify Odoo Bridge workflow, first, we will discuss how the data can be imported from Shopify to Odoo with the help of the connector.

    Import of data from Shopify to Odoo:

    Import Products from Shopify to Odoo: To import products from Shopify store to Odoo, go to Multichannel menu in Odoo, click on Shopify Instance >> Import >> In object field select product. You can import all products in a single operation or import products by date range or by a product Id.
    In the channel field, you can select the Shopify store from which you want to import the products in Odoo. Channel Id will be required when more than one Shopify stores are connected to a single Odoo.

    Please Note: If your Shopify products are already present in Odoo then during first time product import from Shopify to Odoo will create duplicate products in Odoo. To avoid this duplicity, make sure that Unique SKU or barcode is assigned to products at both ends.
    If unique SKU or barcode are assigned to products at both ends then you need to enable
    “Avoid Duplicity” feature in the connector. After enabling this feature you can import the products from Shopify to Odoo and products will get mapped on the basis of SKU or barcode without again creating in Odoo. However, if a barcode or SKU won’t exist in Odoo then the connector will create it as a new product.

    Import products collections from Shopify to Odoo: The process of importing Shopify products collection in Odoo is similar to the product import process.
    Go to Multichannel menu in Odoo, click on Shopify Instance >> Import >> In object field select Category and then click on the “Confirm Import” button.

    Order import from Shopify to Odoo: To import Shopify orders, you need to click on Import
    button >> select order in Object field and click on the confirm import button. In filter, you can set the filter to import the orders as per your requirement.

    Customer Import from Shopify to Odoo: Simply click on the import button, then select Customer in the object field and click on the confirm import button. The customer import feature also comes with filter feature that allows the Odoo user an option to import customers from Shopify to Odoo as per their requirement.

    Export of Data from Odoo to Shopify:

    Product export from Odoo to Shopify: To export products in bulk from Shopify to Odoo,
    go to Multichannel menu in Odoo, click on the desired Shopify Instance then click on export button >> Select “Product template” in object field and finally click on the confirm export button.

    If you want to export/update only a single product from Odoo to Shopify then open a product in Odoo, go to Action >> Click on Export/update button >> select export/update and channel where you want to export/update the product and then finally click on confirm Export/update button.

    Similarly, if you want to sync let’s say only 30 products from Odoo to Shopify out of 50 products in Odoo, then go to Odoo sale app, click on products then go to tree view, select those products which you want to export >> go to Action >> Export/update template and then click on the confirm Export/update button.

    Manual Mapping feature:

    The Multichannel Shopify Odoo Bridge has a default feature of manual mapping. The Odoo user can manually map Odoo products, categories, payment method, delivery method, tax etc to corresponding Shopify product, collection, tax.
    To do the manual mapping, go to Multichannel menu in Odoo >> click on the “Mapping” menu. There you can see all the mapping list. Just click on the Product to do product manual mapping.
    Similar you can do category, tax and shipping method manual mapping.

    Want to connect more than one Shopify stores to single Odoo?

    One of the main features of our Multichannel Shopify Odoo bridge is that it comes up with a feature that allows the Odoo user to integrate more than one Shopify store free of cost to a single Odoo. You can connect up to three Shopify store free of cost to a single Odoo. To connect more than three, you need to contact at our support email id.


    We hope you find the guide helpful! Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

    If you still have any issues/queries regarding the module then please raise a ticket at

    For any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - Odoo V13

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