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Mobikul Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce

The Mobikul Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce will convert your WooCommerce Store into a native mobile application. Now it is not necessary to have desktops/laptops to shop from your store. The customers/buyers can easily visit your store by using the mobile application on the go. The mobile application has better user experience with splendid features and functionalities. It is fully compatible with your default WooCommerce Store. The mobile application provides a user-friendly experience and enhances the customers’ engagement over the mobile platform. So what you waiting for, you must have a mobile app with great features & functionalities for your store.


Dear Customers, if you have a question/query, please raise a ticket at We will do our best to answer as quick as it is possible. Don’t give us a low rate without contacting support on the issue you’ve faced with. We are always happy to help you.


  • Integrated with Existing WooCommerce Store
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • All product type supported – Simple, Grouped, Downloadable, Virtual, Variable, External products.
  • Compatible with Mobile & Tablet
  • Various Shipping Supported
  • Real Time Synchronization
  • Fully Native App
  • Offline Mode
  • Sign in via Finger Print
  • Checkout at one page
  • Product share via social media
  • New and Featured Product Carousel
  • All the Major Payment Gateway Supported
  • Voice Search
  • Social Login*
  • One Time Password*
  • Mobile Number Login*
  • The features with Asterix mark (*) are the paid features.

home page view

Mobikul WooCommerce Mobile App has the fully interactive and user-friendly homepage. Homepage included two drawers(left and right), slides, new products, and featured product carousel. In the left drawer, the category will show and in the right drawer, customer profile will show.
The Admin can add more as the slider on the front page. The customer can see the list of new arrival products on the front page.

Search View:

In the top of the app, a search bar will appear. The customer can search the product with the keywords. Search suggestion would appear after typing keyword in the search bar.

Voice Search:

The customer can search the products with their voice also. If voice didn’t catch then it will ask for try again for voice search.

Product view and order product

Product View – After clicking on a product, the customer can see the product page. A customer can buy the product, can see the description, specification, and reviews of the product here.

Add a product to the Cart

After click on “Add to Cart” button on the product page, the customer will see a message “Product has been added to your cart”. Now the customer can checkout for their purchase or continue their shopping.

Description and Specification:

The customer can see the description and the specification of the product under product page.

Buy Now:

In buy now section the customer can update their cart and can apply the discount coupons. After click on continue shopping button, the customer can go directly to the homepage for continuing their shopping.

Payment Method:

After click on the Checkout button, the customer redirected to the payment page. Where the customer can select the payment method and proceed to place an order.

Order Summary:

After place the order successfully, the customer will get their order details as follows. In this page, the customer will see the complete order details like their billing time, date, payment method, shipping price, product price and product information.

Customer Authentication:

If the customer does not log in to their account(when creating an order), then ask for Sign-up, Sign-in or Continue as a guest.

Share product:

A Customer can share the product by clicking on the share button. Share button will appear on the product page.

category view

Left Drawer:

On left drawer category page, the customer will see the categories of the store. Where they can see the product by category wise. Also, the customer can sort the product according to their needs.

Grid View and List View:

After click on the category customer can see the product of that category. Also, the customer can see the product in Grid view and List view both.

All Categories Products:

The customer will find “SHOP” link in the left drawer. After click on it, all the products of the shop will show there.

and sign-up

Right Drawer:

After clicking on right drawer, an account dashboard will open. Where the customer can see the sign-in and sign-up buttons. After clicking on them they can access to their accounts.

Easy Sign Up and Sign In:

Customer needs to enter the email address and password for the sign up to their account. A customer can log in with the email address and password to their account.

Password Reset:

A customer can reset the password through the app. They need to click on “Lost your Password” link on the sign-in page.


profile view

My Account:

In the right drawer(after login), the customer can view their profile. The customer can see their username over there. Also, they can see the addresses, their orders and account details. A customer can also sign out fr0m there.

Change in Address:

The customer can change their shipping address and billing address through the app.


After click on sign out button, a popup will show there for confirmation of sign out.

My Orders

Order Page:

The customer can see their orders in my order tab. A customer can also pay for their failed order transaction.

product review

Under this section, the customer can write a review of the product from here. The customer can rate the product in terms of the star.

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at here and for any doubt contact us at

Current Product Version - 2.6

Supported Framework Version - WordPress-5.x, WooCommerce-2.x.x, 3.0.x,3.1.x,3.2.x,3.3.x,3.4.x,3.5.x.

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