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    Mobikul Odoo Mobile App Builder

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    Digitalization is increasing the pace of internet business with the continuous development of the mobile app and struggle between developing a successful business and better customer experience has been bridged with help of Mobikul’s mobile app developer.

    Mobikul is a Mobile App Builder, available for different eCommerce Frameworks and creates fully Customizable Native Apps for both Android & IOS platforms as per user’s specific needs.

    With the help of “Mobikul Odoo Mobile App Builder “, you can convert your Odoo to a native mobile application.

    In addition, customers can easily install it on their mobile devices and thus can shop for the products effortlessly on the go.

    Thus, there is a huge possibility to expand your Odoo E-Commerce customer base and enhance their buying experience by using our app“Mobikul Odoo Mobile App Builder ” powered by Mobikul.

    All the products details, customer information, and sale orders on the application can be managed efficiently from Odoo backend (connected to the app).


    • One-Time Setup required- Setup and Configure your App with Odoo backend once and you are good to go.
    • It allows the customer to sign up and reset their account password right through the app.
    • Customers can Social Login* to their account as well (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter) (a paid feature)
    • It supports all types of products with or without attributes.
    • It provides the facility to user to publish/unpublish products and categories on app separately from Odoo Website.
    • It also supports the products with multiple images and with features like Zoom-in, Zoom-out and optimized images for faster loading.
    • It facilitates the User to Configure the Pricelist at the backend to Apply Special discount on the product(s) such as “App Only” discounts or vice-versa.
    • Platform(Website/App) from which the customer has bought the products frequently is tracked.
    • It helps in managing unlimited Banners and Published/Expiry dates of every banner separately and product sliders and sliders modes(fixed/sliding)
    • Allows the User to configure the selection criteria of products like New products etc in an Automatic/Manual way
    • This app also helps in managing the push notification.
    • The user can configure an action to trigger on the customer click like a product/category/custom collection page.
    • This app builder helps in managing unlimited featured product category.
    • The homepage displays the highlights of the popular categories.

    Admin End Configuration


    From here the admin can either Create new Banner or edit an existing one.

    From here, the admin can enter


    A name can be given to the banner.

    The banner image can be added like this,

    The banner can be even Edited or Deleted from here, as in the above screenshot.


    1. Active/Archive– The banner could be in any state active/archive, that is if admin wishes to show the banner it can be active state whereas if the admin wishes to hide the banner it can be in archive state.
    2. Action to be triggered – This means the admin can set the activity when a customer clicks on the banner. They can be-
      • Open product page-A product may be assigned to the banner which opens up when we click on the banner.
      • Open Category page- A category may be assigned to the banner which opens up when one clicks on the banner.
      • Open Custom Collection page-A banner may be assigned a set of customizable product.
    3. Description– This section is for admin to add any detail information related to the banner.


    1. Banner’s Image URL– Admin if wishes to can give an URL here and the same banner image will be displayed in the frontend.
    2. Publish Date- The date on which banner was published.
    3. Expiration Date-The date by which the banner will remain active on the frontend.
    4. Sequence-The order on which the banner will appear in the frontend.

    Featured Category

    The admin can create the Featured Category by navigating to Mobikul> Catalogs> Products> Extra Added features>  Featured Category

    Product Sliders

    From here, the admin can either create a new slider or edit the existing one.

    The admin needs to enter following details on the slider page-

    •  Name- The admin needs to enter the name of the Slider.
    • Product Selection-
      • Selection Criteria- The selection can be of two types-
        1. Automatic
        2. Manual
    • General Settings-
      • Sequence- Order in which admin wishes the slider to be visible in frontend.
      • Slider Mode- Here admin can either choose the slider to be in the form of sliding carousel or fixed at one place.
      • Maximum no. of products in a Slider- The number of product admin wishes to see in the slider.
    • Description- If the admin wishes to add any sort of comment to the slider.


    In automatic selection criteria, the admin can select the category and the products appear randomly.

    Manual-In Manual Selection criteria, the admin needs to choose among various product which he/she wishes to show in the slider.

    Push Notifications

    Push Notifications are the most important feature of any mobile application. It provides benefits to both admin and his/her customers. The Push notifications can be of three types-

    • One Time Push Notification
    • Notifications Templates
    • Notification Message

    • One time Push Notification– They appear only for one time as the admin hits on ‘Push Now’. The admin needs to enter the content to be displayed in the notification and assign a product, category, custom collection page or nothing to the notification.

    In advance setting, the admin can set the notification type-

    1. Token-Based(All Reg. Devices)– In this case, the notifications will be sent to all the registered devices.
    2. Token-Based(Selected Devices)-In this case, the notifications will be sent to selected devices.
    3. Topic-Based- Here, the notifications will be sent to according to FCM topics.

    • Notifications Templates- This is a condition based Notification sent to the customer on the accomplishment of a particular condition. The admin can here enter condition as per which the notifications get triggered on front-end. The admin can associate a product, category, custom collection page or do nothing to the notification. The admin can even edit the image of Notification.

    • Notification Message- These are customer-centric notifications which are assigned to the particular customer. Here, along with the customer name admin can enter the display message, banner image, icon image for notification, and Banner-related to the notification.

    Categories In Mobikul-

    The product categories of your website can be exported to ‘Mobikul’ and link all the product with their respective categories in ‘Mobikul’.For this, we have an add-on in Odoo- Mobikul Merge Category 

    In the application, admin can go to Configuration>Merge Categories. A pop up appears as shown in the screenshot.

    • Create all remaining Website Categories On Mobikul- This will create all the categories on the Mobikul application in a click.
    • Link all products with corresponding Mobikul Category- This will link all the products with their respective categories in Mobikul again with a single click.


    The admin can change the setting of the app from the setting> configuration. Here, In the advanced tab, the admin can manage the-

    • Price-list/ Currency
    • Language
    • Countries
    • Orders
    • Extra Features

    Note- To know more about the admin end configuration, refer here- Mobikul App Odoo Admin Configurations.

    How does it work at the Store Frontend?

    View of Landing Page for Android & IO:

    Every mobile app should have an attractive landing page so that it can attract customers. It should be in such a way that it should overwhelm the customers. The landing page should always be more attractive. Below screenshot shows Landing page for both Android and IOS platform.

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    Android & IOS Login Page:

    Your business is successful when you have an attractive business that is really important. So, we have both the view of Android and IOS through which you can login into the account.

    Android and IOS view of the Homepage

    Homepage functions as a store-front window. Basically, a homepage is a page displaying the huge advertisement, without errors, irrelevant news. It displays all the important stuff like etc. It also shows the Product featured Categories, Banner, Product Slider. Moreover, Homepage plays an important role in enhancing the sale of the products or any offers on your e-commerce app as it is next step towards a visitor becoming a customer. In the homepage of this particular app, a user will get featured product category details, product banner, and product slider.

    Some important parts of Homepage:

    • Featured Category and associated Products– While shopping a customer can add any product to his bag and then continue with the shopping further. At bag page, the customer will find the product added to the cart. The customer can also update the quantity of the product from the bag page. In order to highlight the popular categories on your app, you can convert any category to a featured category.
    • Banner -A banner should be attractive enough to easily grab the attention of the users. You can display special offers on your banners. Similarly, our Odoo Mobile app allows you to manage unlimited banners. From Odoo backend you can configure what to trigger when a customer clicks on the banner updated on the Mobile app like – a product, a category of mobile collection page.
    • Product Slider – Product Sliders displays the rotating products, the number of products to be displayed on Product Slider will be configured from the Backend. In addition, various product sliders like deals of the day, discount offers, Seasonal Sales etc can be created.
    • Drawer Drawer includes all Mobikul categories like  Accessories, Men, Women, Electronics, Sale, VIP, Eyewear, Home&decore, Jewellery.

    Search Suggestions in both the platforms.

    Generally, in a mobile app, search functionality is available with integrated search suggestion functionality.  When a user searches for a product suggestions regarding the product, search suggestion are displayed for the product. For example. if a user wants to purchase a product “Apple In-Ear Headphone”, as soon as he will enter the word “Apple” all the product’s suggestions related to apple products will display.

     Android and IOS View of My Account

    “My Account” displays all the relevant information of a user’s account. It displays the information like Account Info, Address Book, All orders, My Wishlists, Languages, Sign out. Below screenshot shows the dashboard view of both Android and IOS view.

    Android and IOS view of Sign up

    In case the user wants to log in the into their mobile app account they can use the sign-up and sign in page for the app.

    Android and IOS view of Sign-in 

    If a user wants to log in or sign up in his account then fill all the credentials of the account.

    Bags and wishlist.

    While scrolling down FlipKart, Myntra, or any other e-commerce website, generally users collect their desired product in their wishlist of user account and they are not willing to purchase. On contrary, a bag is a place where customer collects the products which he wants to purchase. After the completion of the payment, review the order of the product order.

    The Checkout Process.

    In an e-commerce business, the Checkout Process is an important part of customer’s journey. When a customer places orders for the product, various stages while the processing out the checkout payment is Billing and Shipping Address, Shipping method, Payment Method and at last Review of the order. Moreover, you can edit the billing and shipping address on the delivery address.

    The below screenshot shows the review of an order after the selection of payment method.

    Discount /Offers

    Discount/offer is the key point of getting customer’s attention towards the product. This is the settings which are done from the backend. As per the discount policy configured in the backend, the discounted price will reflect on the product page and thus will attract more customers.

    Push Notifications

    Push Notifications displays the relevant information directly on the screen of devices. The chances of gaining user’s attention are very high. It is convenient for customers because without logging into the app every time, customers will get the information through these notifications about ongoing deals. A notification will appear on their Mobile Device consisting of the same. These notifications are configured and managed at Odoo back end.

    Email verification

    Also with the help of this app if a new user signs up or if the existing user login with some other social account initially he has to verify his email i.d then he needs to verify his account after that he will get access to place the order form the app. For that, a verification link is sent to his account and once it’s verified a customer can place the order.

    Final Word

    Apps are now an integral part of our daily life, with people spending an average of 30 hours per month in them, according to a survey by Nielsen-–so-much-time.htmlThe mobile app is used widely to connect and interact with customers. It is valuable for every customer. Odoo Mobile App Builder is a great way to reach your potential customers and expand your business from regional market to worldwide market. Try Mobikul’s Odoo Mobile App builder once in order to build an attractive app for your better customer experience.

    We are here to help you

    The Webkul Support is always available for you. In case of any interrogation process simply raise a ticket at In addition, for more detailed inquiry of the module, you can also write us at Click here to read more about Mobikul.

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 10, 11,12

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  • Vincenzo Antonio Caschetto
    Hi, can I modify the app? If I want to make some changes, can I do it? So, my question is… Do I have access to the source code? Thanks
    • Anisha Bahukhandi
      Hello Vincenzo,

      If you want to modify the app on your own then you would need to purchase the app with source code; details are mentioned here at our store page for the same.

      If you still have any query then you can drop us a mail at or raise a ticket.

      Anisha Bahukhandi

  • can berk
    Is this mobile app compatible with your “Odoo Website Display Packaging Options” module? We need to show the packages to our customers instead of single units when selling the items. Thanks!
    • Megha Joshi
      Hello Can,

      Regarding your query I would like to inform you that by default our module “Odoo Website Display Packaging Options” is not compatible with Mobile App but it can be customized based on your requirement so for further assistance on the same kindly drop us a mail at-


  • Coe
    Dear Mobikul,

    I got some questions that i am not clear about your platform. How can I get apk/ipa file? my understanding is that we have to install your odoo module on our system and we need to configure using it. do we need to use your web platform to get apk/ipa?
    btw we are using Odoov10 and now upgrading to v12 so are your module is compatible for V10 and V12?

    • Megha Joshi
      Hello Coe,
      Regarding your queries would like to inform you that once you purchased the Odoo Mobile App then we would need to configure it first and then accordingly we will share it with you(apk/ipa) and yes it is compatible for Odoo 12 also. For detailed info kindly drop us a mail at-


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