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    Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App

    Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor Application is specially made for the CS-Cart Multivendor platform. It’s a separate application for seller/vendor which has excellent features for the vendor.

    Now it is not necessary to have desktop/laptops to access your Multivendor Store backend. The vendor can easily access the account from the application in a single tap.

    The seller/vendor can easily upload the products from the mobile application. Also, the vendor can edit the product details including the product description, images, categories, quantity, and many more. The vendor can edit the profile and also the vendor’s administrator’s details.

    The Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor Application has tremendous features and functionalities with great user experience. The app will provide a user-friendly experience to your seller/vendor.

    Also, we do provide the customization service (a paid service). If you want to customize the application as per your business needs.

    Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App Features

    • The add or edit product facility for the merchants.
    • Manage all the products by adding or editing them.
    • The merchants can enable/disable the product from the store.
    • The seller can edit the profile details for customers to recognize.
    • For increasing the sales of their product the vendors can manage the profile and add the logo.
    • The defining Vendor’s Administrator details for personal data records.
    • The seller can easily upload the product image by using the Camera or phone gallery.

    Splash Screen Page

    This page tells the user about the application which the app owner will submit at the time of Pre-Requisite PDF sharing. However, to know more about- What will you do after purchasing the Mobikul Mobile App?


    Login Page

    The Vendors or registered vendors/sellers can easily log in to the application by using their credentials.



    The interactive Homepage has the menu options for the vendors in a very user-friendly way. The options or features like – Add products, Vendor Profile, Vendor Administration, etc.


    Add/Edit Products

    The vendors/sellers can easily add products by using mobile applications. They need to fill the required details to upload the product.


    The required information like –
    – Product Name
    – Choose the category
    – Enter the Price
    – Full Description
    – Choose the images
    – Select the Product Status
    – Fill the Inventory section

    Also, the vendor can add as many images for a particular product. The vendor can also provide the quantity discounts (Absolute or Percentage basis) on that product.


    And can the product by clicking on the Save Button of the screen. The Vendor/Seller can see and also edit the product details of any product which is uploaded/added.


    After adding any product, the vendor can edit and add the order fields of the products like – Shipping properties, Features of the product, required/related products for the editable product.


    Vendor Profile

    In this section, the vendor can edit the profile visible to the customer. The vendor can edit the Contact information, Store Description, can add Logos for the customer area and for invoices, and, also the Terms & Conditions.


    In this General section, the vendor can state the store details, contact information, and shipping address.

    The store owner can add the details of the respective store to elaborate customers about it.
    For recognition of the vendor at the customer end and in the invoices.
    Terms and Conditions
    The vendor can define their policies which customers can view before any purchase.

    Vendor Administration

    In this section, the vendor can see the vendor’s administrative details and can edit the details like- User Account Information, Billing & Shipping Addresses, etc.



    That’s all for the Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket here – and let us know your views to make the module better.

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x

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