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    Migration Akeneo from 3.2 to 4.0

    This blog helps you to migrate/upgrade Akeneo Project from 3.2 version to 4.0.

    Step1: Stop the running daemon service.

    Step2: Take the MySQL Dump of your Production Database using the terminal or Backup Akeneo Connector

    Step3: Download the Akeneo PIM 4.0 composer.json

    Community Edition
    You can download the composer.json file directly from the Github repository:

    Enterprise Edition
    You will find the composer.json file inside the Akeneo Enterprise Edition archive. Please visit your Akeneo Portal to download the archive.

    Step 4: Update the System Component (For Ubuntu, For Debian 10 )

    • PHP 7.3
    • MySQL 8
    • Elasticsearch 7.5

    Step 5: Update the Virtual Host Configuration

    1. replace the public in place of web
    2. replace the index.php in place of app.php

    Step 6: Prepare Akeneo

    SSH and goto at your Akeneo 3.2 document root directory.

    Remove the cache using the command

    Copy the Akeneo 4 composer.json at the root directory using the command.

    Step 7: Install Akeneo 4.0 dependencies

    Step 8: Update the current FileSystem Layout to match the Symfony 4 structure.

    For the Akeneo PIM Community 4.0:

    For the Akeneo PIM Enterprise 4.0:

    Step 9: Update the MySQL and Elasticsearch Credentials

    edit the .env file from your Akeneo Document root directory. and update the parameters.

    Step 10: Check the Akeneo 4 requirements that are fulfilled using the command.

    If this command detects something not working or not properly configured, please fix the problem before continuing.

    Step 11: Install the Frontend Dependencies and assets.

    Step 12: Migrate the Data

    If you are facing any issue feel free to contact us.

    For More Detail Read Official Doc:

    Also Read:

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