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Market Place – Add more options

Updated 8 May 2015

This module is for opencart community working on every opencart versions. This module is very useful and with the help of this module seller can also add options like select, textarea, text box, date time etc in their products at the time of adding as well as after adding when product is being edited.


  • Can add multiple options at once.
  • Java script based (so working on all modern browsers).
  • Can change options given by admin.


Installation of the module is child play you just need to drag your admin, catalog and vqmod folder in opencart root folder and it will be installed.

1. If VQMOD is already installed in your system * just copy the “vqmod/xml” folder data into your  ”/vqmod/xml/” folder to your installed “vqmod/xml”.

2. if VQMOd is not installed in your system then just copy full Vqmod folder from root directory and then go to your website frontside or frontpage and write this after url  /vqmod/install.


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Then in Admin panel go to System > User >Usergroup and edit ‘Top Administrator’ and choose select all for both Access and Modify Permission and save it.


After that under extension->module menu install Product catalog filter


After installation edit it and then save.


After saving the module a text box will appear at add product page and edit product page as in screenshot below.


After getting this option, now you can add option as much as you want on your product.Just you need to write initial of option which you want to add in you product and all related options will become visible and select which one you wanted.


After selecting the option, that will be added on your page and you can do lots of other thing as in screenshot.


After making required changes click on continue button and your option will be added on your product.


If you are adding your product and have added option then they will be visible to admin when he/she will approve your product as in screenshot.


After approving or editing product your option will be visible to customers.


All of those information are very much self explanatory still have any doubt please add a support ticket

Current Product Version -

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