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    Manage Wedgecommerce Category And Related Products

    Learn to manage Wedgecommerce category and related products. Categories listed at Wedgecommerce store end displays the list of products of particular selected category. The categories have the concept of sub or child category. This blog will help you understand how to create categories and add products to particular category.


    Add, edit and manage the categories of products.

    • To create a category, click on “+”.

    • Set the category name.
    • Select the root level category if any from the dropdown. The root level category will be acts\ing as a parent category of present category.
    • Set the ordering of category.
    • Enter a description text and click on “status” to publish it at frontend.
    • Upload description image for the category.


    Add, edit and view products displayed at store end.

    • 1. An advance search engine functionality has been provided.
    • 2. Click on “+” to create a product from Wedgecommerce backend.
    • 3. With the product creation, all the products get listed in the “product” tab. Feature of edit, delete and disable the product from frontend in available.

    • 1. Set the name and category of the product.
    • 2. Enter the product price in the field mentioned as “prices”.
    • 3. Type down the product description.
    • 4. Click on checkbox to enable “status” of the product.
    • 5. Enter the stock of product.
    • 6. Set a unique code to distinguish it among all other products displayed.
    • 7. Upload a product image.
    • 8. Set the length, height, width and weight of the product.

    The concept of multiple image upload is available.

    • 1. Click “choose file” to upload an image.
    • 2. The option of multiple image upload will be available by clicking on “+”.
    • 3. Go to “features” to set an attribute to distinguish specific character as created by admin in “Product Features”.


    Display product filters at store end to allows easy search of products at user end.

    • 1. An advance filtering option is available.
    • 2. Click on “+” to create and add a new feature in the list.
    • 3. Listed feature can be edit and deleted.

    • 1. Set the name and type of feature from the drop down. Select a category from the list and enter a description text.
    • 2. The functionality to create a variant is available.

    To know more about Salesforce Wedgecommerce please view the site For further any query please create a ticket at

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