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Make Transparent Image With Your String Using PHP GD

Updated 27 February 2024

For this  PHP GD is required on your server 

$imageWidth=300; //width of your image
$imageHeight=200;// height of your image
$logoimg = imagecreatetruecolor($imageWidth, $imageHeight); //create Image
//for transparent background
imagealphablending($logoimg, false);
imagesavealpha($logoimg, true);
imagefill($logoimg, 0, 0, $col);
//for transparent background
$white = imagecolorallocate($logoimg, 255, 255, 255); //for font color
$font = "advanced_pixel_lcd-7.ttf"; //font path
$text="Your Text..."; //your text which you want to show in image
$fontsize=20; // size of your font
$x=100; // x- position of your text
$y=100; // y- position of your text
$angle=0; //angle of your text 
imagettftext($logoimg, $fontsize,$angle , $x, $y, $white, $font, $text); //fill text in your image
$target="temp.png"; //path of target where you want to save image
imagepng($logoimg,$target); //save your image at new location $target

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