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    Magento : PHP extension “mcrypt” must be loaded

    Magento : PHP extension “mcrypt” must be loaded

    The above message tells us that your PHP do not have “mcrypt” compiled with it. You have to get your web host to re-compile PHP with “mcrypt”. A few PHP extensions are needed in order to run magento properly.

    Easy fix, despite the official line from PHP which says you need to recompile PHP –with-mcrypt.

    I’ll caveat this by stating I’m using Fedora Core 7…

    1) At the terminal, su root – you are now going to yum, not ./configure, make, and make install…

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    2) yum install mcrypt – this will get you libmcrypt, mhash, and mcrypt

    3) yum install php-mcrypt – this will get you the functionality within PHP

    Uh…done (without hassles).

    For more information please refer magento discussion board .enjoy 😉

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