Magento –Openerp Bridge


 Magento –Openerp Bridge

This module provides two way connection between Openerp and Magento  , Means you can synchronize data from Magento to Openerp and Openerp to Magento both.

Magento –Openerp Bridge

Magento –Openerp Bridge

Main feature of Magento Openerp Connector

  • Sync product
  • Sync category
  • Sync Customer
  • Real time sync of orders
  • Real time update of order’s state like invoice generation /payment done/shipment done


This module is package of two modules, one for Magento ends and other for Openerp ends

You need to install one on Magento and other on Openerp


Magento to Openerp

Installation :  simply follow standard procedure of Installation of Magento module

Magento end configuration

Click on “Setting tab ” then in last you will get a new menu item with name “openerp configuration ” click on that

You will get form similar to screenshot shown below , fill all detail regarding your openerp server i.e

  • Host
  • Port
  • Database
  • Username
  • Password

Click on save config and you are done



Product Synchronization

For synchronizing product , go to catalog  -> manage product , there will be two new button

Synchronize All products and synchronize all category .

First click on synchronize all category then on click on “synchronize all products” ,and you are done all products/categories are created on openerp too

Check on openerp sever , you will see similar products and category

No import /export just a button click





Customer Synchronization

Similarly go to customer  , click on ‘synchronize all customers’

And all customer will be created on openerp




order synchronization(Real time)

After installation and configuration, all order created at magento-site will be automatically created on openerp and any update on states of order will be reflected on openerp and vice versa


Openerp to Magento

Installation : Installation procedure is standard and similar to any openerp module

Just unzip your module and transfer all files into addon folder

Then go to setting->app->update module list

Then go to module list and search the module with name “magento ” click on Install button



After installation you can see a new menu with  name : magento –openerp

Go to Manento-openerp->configuration ->Magento connection

Fill all the detail of magento connection

Base url

Api username

Api password


Click save and you are done, now your openerp start communicating with magento



Product sync

Similary click on the magento-connect ->Magento synchronization->update Product for synchronizing product (if you have already synchronize your magento product to openerp then no need to do it again )

Category Synchronization

Similar to product

Customer Synchronization

Simialr to product

Order updating

Order updating is real time synchronization , any order created on magento will be automatically created on openerp too and whenever any event related to order will automatically reflected on magento too like invoice generation  /payment done/delivery confirmed

So it very handy and useful because merchant can easily manage it all process easily using openerp and magento together

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