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Marketplace Seller Category for Magento 2


The Marketplace Seller Category for Magneto 2 can help the seller to create the category from seller panel. The default Magento 2 will not allow the seller to manage the categories.

This module will allow them to the seller to create categories for the collection page. These categories are created by admin or seller which the seller can manage. Thus, giving them efficient category management.

The module is helpful for the seller to introduce the seller category as per the products. Thus, this will help in the inclusion of the categories apart from that of the Magento default catalog.


  • The seller can create and manage the categories from seller panel.
  • Admin can configure the module for the seller by allowing them to manage the categories.
  • The customer can filter the products as per seller categories in seller collection page.
  • Admin can create seller categories on behalf of the seller.
  • Introduction of independent categories from that of Magento default catalog.

Note- This module is an add-on of the Magento 2 Marketplace module. To use this module, you must have installed first Magento2 Marketplace.

Admin Configuration

The admin can configure the module to allow the seller to set the categories by navigating through Store>Configuration>Marketplace seller category.

The admin can enter the details in following fields-

  • Allow Seller Categories– The admin needs to set it, ‘yes’. So as to allow the seller categories to appear in the navigation panel on the collection page.
  • Allow Seller to Manage Category– The admin will allow the seller to manage the categories. For this, the admin needs to set this field as ‘Yes’.
  • Display Name For Filter in Layered Navigation– The name of the filter as visible in the layered navigation.

Admin Category Creation

The admin can create a category on behalf of the seller. For this, the admin can follow the navigation as- Marketplace Management>Seller Categories.

The admin can click on ‘New Category‘ to create a new seller category. So, for this, the admin here can enter the details like-

  • Name- The name of the seller category which will be visible on layered navigation.
  • Position- The sort order of the category as it appears on the collection page.
  • Status- The admin can enable the category to make the category visible.
  • Seller- The admin can associate the category with the seller from here.

Customer VIew

The customer can view the seller categories in the seller collection page under layered navigation. So, this will allow the seller to find out the desired product from the seller’s collection.

Seller View

The seller can even edit/add the categories from the seller panel. For this, the seller needs to navigate through My Account>Manage Categories.

Thus, from here, the seller can either edit/add categories. This will give the seller the power to manage the categories in a better.

Thus, the seller can enter the following details-

  • Name- The seller can enter the category name.
  • Position- The sort order of the category as it will appear in layered navigation of the collection page.
  • Status- The admin can set the category as enable to make it visible in the collection page.
  • Product in the Category- In this section seller can mention those products which are part of the category in bulk.


Here, the seller can even go to the Product edit option in My Product List. Then assign the Seller Category to each product.

So, after entering all the details the seller will save the category. This will make it appear on the collection page as below-

Admin Configuration- ‘Allow Seller to Manage Category’ Is ‘No’

Till now, we were discussing- ‘Allow Seller To Manage Category’ is ‘Yes’. However, the admin will set the field as ‘No’.

This will disable the functionality of management of the categories by the seller. Thus, the seller can only view the categories created by admin for the seller and assign it to a product.

The seller can assign the category to a product by editing a product in My Product List. 

Thus, here, the seller can select the desired categories to be associated with the product.

Note– This functionality will avoid bulk product assignment to the category by the seller.

So, that’s all for Marketplace Seller Category for Magento 2 still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 2.1.0

Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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