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    Magento 2 Admin Login As Vendor

    Magento 2 Admin Login As Vendor: Now, in the Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-vendor Marketplace, the admin will be able to login to the Vendor and the Customer account panel from the admin back-end using the Magento 2 Admin Login As Vendor add-on.

    Meanwhile, this will allow the admin to have total control over the marketplace, and having this functionality will surely be beneficial for the admin of the Magento 2 marketplace.


    1. For making use of the Magento 2 Admin As Vendor plugin, you must have first installed the Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-vendor module.
    2. This add-ons functionality will also work with the default Magento 2, so the admin will only be able to log in to the customer’s account.


    • Allows the admin to do quick login as vendor
    • Allows the admin to do quick login as customer
    • The admin does not need any credential or password to login
    • The admin can login to storefront from any seller’s or customer’s account
    • Source code is 100% open for customization
    • Supported with Magento version 2.2.x


    Firstly, customers will get a zip folder and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.

    Moreover, the extracted folder has an src folder, inside the src folder you have the app folder. You need to transfer this app folder into the Magento2 root directory on the server as shown below.

    After the successful installation, you have to run these commands in the Magento2 root directory:

    First command –

    Second Command –

    Third Command –

    After running the commands, you have to flush the cache from Magento admin panel by navigating through->System->Cache management as shown below.

    MultiLingual Configuration

    For Multilingual support, please navigate. Store > Configuration > General > Locale Options. And select your desired language from the Locale option.

    Language Translation

    Further, for module translation, please navigate the following path in your system app/code/Webkul/AdminLoginAsVendor/i18n. Open the file named en_US.CSV for editing.

    Meanwhile, once you have opened the file for editing. Replace the words after the comma(,) on the right with your translated words.

    After editing the CSV file, save it and then upload it to the same folder. Now your module translation is complete.

    Admin Login As Vendor

    After the successful installation of the extension, the admin can now easily log in to the vendor account panel by navigating through Marketplace Management->Manage Seller.

    Moreover, under the Manage Seller menu option, you will have the section with all the vendors of the marketplace.

    Further, to login to any of the seller account panel just click on the “Login As Vendor” link next to the seller under the Login as vendor column.

    Clicking the “Login As Vendor” link you will be taken to the account panel of the selected vendor as shown below in the snapshot.

    Admin Login As Customer

    After that, the admin can also easily log in to the customer account panel by navigating through Customers->All Customers.

    Further, under the All Customers menu option, you will have the section with all the customers of the marketplace.

    Meanwhile, to login to any of the customers account panel just click on the “Login As Customer” link next to the customer under the Login as Customer column.

    Also, clicking the “Login As Customer” link you will be taken to the account panel of the selected customer as shown below in the snapshot.

    That’s all for Magento 2 Admin Login As Vendor plugin. If you have any query, question, or suggestion regarding it’s functionality then you can directly get back to us at or just raise a ticket at

    Current Product Version - 5.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - Magento 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x,2.3.x, 2.4.x

    . . .

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