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Magento Social Connect

The Magento Social Connect extension allows the users login to the store using their existing login details from Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn. The store owner can upload custom icons for social login buttons.


  • Customer select one any of the preferred social network to log in.
  • The admin can enable or disable social login status.
  • Customers can do social login through mobile devices.
  • Choose a custom icon for social login button.
  • The social login users are added to the customer list.
  • Supports Multi Vendor Marketplace.
  • Works with multi-store and store views.
  • The source code is open for customization.


Magento Social Connect module installation is super easy you need to move app, skin folder in Magento root directory.

After moving both the folder flush the cache from magento admin panel. Under System > Cache Management.

Facebook API Credentials

You can create a Facebook application using this link Login to your Facebook account and click Create App.

Please follow the steps as described in the screenshots:-

1. Enter any name for the app and then enter your contact email address.

2.Under My Apps > Settings > Basic, Enter valid homepage URL


3.Select the status as “Yes” under My Apps > Status


4.At last, you can receive your App ID and App Secret under My Apps > Dashboard.


Please Note – The Facebook team will be reviewing this login app for ensuring safety and privacy of the customers Facebook data permissions. You can find more information here –

Twitter API Credentials

You can create a Twitter application using this link

Steps to create a Twitter Application:

1. Click on “Create New App”

2. Now fill out the form to Create a New Twitter Application.

3. After creating an app, go to the Settings and Click on Update Setting.

4. Receive your Consumer Key and Secret under Keys And Access Tokens


Twitter doesn’t send Email Id of the customer at the time of Login. It sends only Screen Name. So kindly update your Email Id and Password after sign up with Twitter.

Google API Credentials

You can create a Google application using this link

Steps to create an Application:

1. Go to your API & Services ->Library

2. Now click Google+API under the section Social.


3. Now, click the Enable button to enable the Google+ API.

4. Now, click My Project to create a new project.

5.On clicking My Project, a pop-up will appearClick “New Project” link.

6. Enter the name for your project so that you can identify your project. Please note that you should not include any Google word for your project name.

7.Now go to Credentials menu option and then click on Create credentials.

8 Now, click to create the OAuth client ID.

9. To configure the consent screen, click the “Configure consent screen” button.

10.Enter the product name that is to be shown to the users and then clicks the Savebutton

11. Now, select the Application type and enter the Authorized JavaScript origins and the Authorized redirect URLs. Click the Create button.

Set the OAuth Redirect URL like this –

12. After clicking the Create button in the above step you will get the Client Id and Client Secret.

LinkedIn API Credentials

You need to create a LinkedIn application using this link

To create an application please follow these steps:

1.  Clicking the above link will navigate the user to the “My Application” page. Here, the user will click on the “Create Application” button.

2. Now fill out the form to register a New Application.

3. After that, you can receive Application details with your “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”.

Module Configuration

After the successful installation of the Magento Social Connect module admin will be able to view the Magento Social Connect configuration setting under System > Configuration > Social Signup.



After configuration setting, the customers can find various social networks buttons at the login page and also sign up into their site using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn. There is no need to fill various fields for sign up.


LinkedIn Login

After click on the LinkedIn login button below page will be open.


Google Login

After click on Google login button below page will be open.

Twitter Login

After clicking on the Twitter login button below page will be open.

Facebook Login

After clicking on the Facebook login button below page will be open.

That’s all for the Magento Social Connect module if you still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 1.0.1

Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x , 1.7.x.x , 1.8.x.x , 1.9.x.x

. . .


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