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Magento Retail POS – Inventory Management

Updated 3 November 2022

Inventory management is a very critical point, especially in a Retail POS System. In the Magento Retail POS System, an admin needs to manage both the inventories, inventory for POS and inventory for Online Store. So here we come up with some solutions for this problem.

Differentiate catalog of POS System from Online catalog

With the help of this option, we can enable/disable inventory for POS System. It is beneficial when we have a large catalog for Online Store, but we want to put some selected items in our POS System.

Separate inventory quantity for POS System

It is a big problem if we are having the same inventory for Online Store and POS System. We can solve this by assigning a separate quantity of inventory for the POS System.

pos system

To minimize confusion we can maintain two separate inventories, one for POS System and another for Online Store. Inventory representation will be as follows :

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Online Store Quantity will be the difference between Total Quantity and POS Quantity. It will be filled automatically once a user assigns POS Quantity from Total Quantity.

If a user wants to edit the Total Quantity of a product then it can not be lower than POS Quantity (whether POS Status is enabled or disabled).

Offline Inventory Management

Once we assign separate inventory for Online Store and POS System, we can easily manage Offline Inventory also. Here we can connect all the users of POS through a local area network. With the help of this, we can manage offline inventory through a single system.

Inventory Reports

With inventory reports, the admin can easily find the reports of products, including current inventory status.

Inventory planning and analysis

We can provide some analysis and planning of inventory replenishment then which is beneficial for admin. Some analyses like a total sale of the product in a selected interval, an auto suggestion for replenishment of products etc.

Management of inventory having the same GTIN

It is a very important feature. Companies provide the same GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) to their products with different price tags.

So when we implement Barcode Scanner to identify the item then the same product has different prices.

To tackle this situation we must have such an option where after scanning of product’s Barcode, we can choose the price of the product.

That’s all for the Magento Retail POS – Inventory Management. If you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make it better

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