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    Purchase Management For Magento

    Updated 7 April 2017

    This Awesome module will help you to Manage Purchase Order(PO) inside your magento. Every Purchase order will be uniquely and well managed inside your admin panel. The Most helpful and brilliant feature of this module is inventory management based on Purchase Order for your eCommerce Store with Sales Order.

    Features Of Purchase Management For Magento

    • Supplier Management will be easy for your magento admin.
    • Supplier will be managed for every products.
    • You can decide procurement Method for every products.
    • Automatic Purchase Order Generation if product goes out of Stock
    • Generate Request For Quotation for every Purchase Order.
    • You can perfectly check the status of your incoming products/Shipment.
    • Easily Merge Two or more Purchase Orders.
    • Partial Purchase Order Shipment Option
    • This module work in every magento version release up to 1.9.*.

    Installation OF Purchase Management For Magento

    Installation of the module is super easy you need to move the app and lib directory into Magento root directory .

    webkul s3amazon_root

    After moving both the folder flush the cache from Magento admin module . Under system > cache management.


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    Now you have to re-login your magento Admin and then this module is ready for use.

    Working of Purchase Management For Magento

    At first you must have to see the configuration of this module where procurement method is added.

    Configuration System Magento Admin Procurement method has two types:

    1. Make to Order:- It means product stock quantity will depend upon Purchase order. So whenever product is out of stock then new Purchase order will be generated Automatically.

    2. Make To Stock:- In this case when Product is Out of stock then you have to manually increase the product quantity or you can generate a Purchase order Manually to make it In Stock. New Menus will be created after installation of this module. like Below:


    Now below image will show you how Supplier and it’s details will be managed.

    Magento Admin

    Supplier Form Detailed view.

    Edit WEBKUL Now Below image will describe you about Supplier management for every products. you can add multiple supplier for each products.

    Manage Products Catalog Magento Admin

    you must have to select supplier and minimal quantity(which will decide purchase quantity while creating purchase order). You can also configure prices according to purchase quantity which will be Offered by your suppliers.

    Acer Manage Products Catalog Magento Admin

    If you have selected ‘Make To Order’ option for every order, then whenever product stock will be 0 or less that this then automatically new Purchase order will be generated. In Purchase order supplier and Qty will be decided from product supplier information, so you must have to configure supplier information for those products.

    Same for to set global cost price for every product, we had added cost price attribute for every type of product. Using this you can assign Cost Price to Individual products.

    Pianoo Manage Products Catalog Magento Admin

    Move towards Purchase Order and Incoming Shipment Flow.

    Let me clear once more that whenever a product inventory will be 0 or less than it during sales order. Then Purchase management observer will automatically generate new purchase order. Which will arrive inside Quotation menu.

    Like below:-

    Purchase Orders new

    You can also generate Purchase order Manually  and using action you can change it’s status and can do some useful operations.

    Purchase Orders

    Inside Action you will get some useful action by which you can perform operation for every purchase orders. Actions Are Like:

    1) Cancel:- by this action you can easily cancel the Purchase orders.

    2) Merge Quotation(s):-  Merge two or more Purchase orders.

    3) Send by Mail(RFQ):-  using this action you can send an email as a new request for quotation.

    4) Confirm Quotation(s):- confirm selected PO using this action, Confirmed PO will move inside Purchase order menu.

    5) Print Quotation(s):- easily print the purchase order. Detailed view of Purchase Order

    Edit Order

    When you send a RFQ to your supplier then in email supplier will get the information like below:

    Screenshot from 2014-08-22 18:29:27

    After Confirmation of Purchase order New `Incoming Shipment` will be generated automatically

    Also partial Shipment Option will be enabled inside Every Purchase management.

    So First We’ll look into the partial shipment features, which is described below

    Partial Shipment:  Just Open any Confirmed Purchase Order, in PO detailed view you will get partial shipment button. using this button you can receive product as much as you want.

    Magento Admin 2014-09-30 19-43-28

    In This Case there may be one or more shipment will be created. it depends upon you that how much time you do partial shipment.

    Magento Admin 2014-09-30 19-44-56

    Shipment will be generated as below shown

    Magento Admin 2014-09-30 19-49-32

    Incoming Products:- When you will receive any shipment then corresponding Purchase order will be marked as done. Same flow will work when you will receive from Purchase order then Shipment state will me marked as received. And Corresponding product quantity will be updated inside product inventory. Incoming Product:- In this menu you will be able to see individual incoming products which is generated for purchase orders.

    Magento Admin1

    Now the purchase management flow is completed, hope it’ll very helpful for every magento admin to manage supplier and PO inside your store.

    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0.

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

    . . .

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