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    Magento Product Questions Answers

    Updated 9 September 2016

    Magento Product Questions Answers is the single best multi Question and Answer Module for magento platform. With the help of this module customer can ask question or give answer for any question which was asked.

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    Its pretty easy you just need to move both folder (app,js) into magento root that’s it.

    2-13-2014 4-17-50 PM

    After moving both the folder flush the cache from Magento admin module . Under system >  cache management.

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    After those primary step you just need to configure the module.


    Configuration of Magento Product Questions Answers Module is also fairly easy. after the installation of the module you need to go system -> configuration -> Ask Product Question panel and set character limit and admin email ID as per the screenshot.

    2-13-2014 4-39-32 PM

    After setting up the configuration go to product page in front-end .You will see the Panel as per screenshot.

    2-13-2014 4-44-48 PM

    As you see in screenshot their are two tab. I will explain each tab one by one:

    1. Ask Product Question: In this Customer Ask Question and wait for approval of question by admin. On clicking this tab a form open in which you need to fill your Name , Visibility of your Question(i.e. in private or public mode ) and your Question as per screenshot.

    2-13-2014 4-52-30 PM

    2. Click to View all Questions: Here, customer can view all questions and answers and also reply, like and dislike the questions and answers as per screenshot.

    2-13-2014 5-33-22 PM

    On clicking answer button a form open in which you need to give answer regarding question and select visibility (i.e. in private or public mode).

    2-13-2014 5-37-53 PM

    Now, I am going to explain how Admin approve question, answer and give reply on questions:

    In Admin you will see a link “View Questions” in product page (catalog->products). On clicking the link you will able to see list of questions as per screenshot.

    2-13-2014 5-46-13 PM

    That’s all for the Magento Product Questions Answers, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Current Product Version - 1.0.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x , 1.7.x.x , 1.8.x.x , 1.9.x.x

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  • cdcomkorea (cdcom)
    I purchased this extension.
    I have some questions.
    (Magento version :

    1.After the installation of the module, I can’t find the menu. (Admin: system -> configuration -> Ask Product Question) Why this?
    I can find other extensions of WEBKUL (e.g. Reward system, RMA System)

    2.Do not have the ability to manage the entire history of a product questions?(for Admin and Customer)
    To now see the new product questions must go to each of the product management .(Admin page: catalog->Manage Productss) It is too inconvenient.


  • tonytone

    I purchased this extension and the support has been really good, they answer very quickly and help is absolutely awesome thus far, however, have a few suggestions for an update which is long overdue as this extension has been out for a while (Over a year).

    1. My suggestion is to have the option to delete the questions and answers and update this extension.

    2. Make it so the ask a question and provide an answer to be a pop up like the old version of the extension as the new one looks unnatractive.

    3. User can only like or dislike the question or answer and not both as it currently is.

    4. When user asks a question and it is submitted, they cannot ask or answer a question until they refresh the page which is very inconvenient.

    5. User is not informed that they have to login before posting a question or an answer and they just fill
    in the form and when they click submit, they are taken to the login page and the information entered is lost and chances are that they will abandon the site and therefore lose on potential sales.

    6. Option to add new fields to the form and edit appearance.

    I hope you consider the above and implement it to the new update soon as it will be extremely helpful and therefore provide more sales for you and us.

    Awaiting your prompt response to the above.


    • webkul
      Hi Tony Thanks for your effort and suggestion we will surely try to implement those changed 100% in next release of the product . Thanks
      • tonytone
        Hi, thank you for your prompt response as always you guys have one of the best cutsomer service and will surely purchase more solely due to that.

        Can you provide a rough estimate of when we can expect the update release roughly?

        • webkul
          Hi tony i am very sorry to say we dont have any deadline for now we are working on other module as well , as soon as it will be updated you will get the changes at store and blog end . thanks
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