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Magento Mobile App Builder

Updated 15 July 2016

Magento Mobile App Builder – As Mobile Commerce is growing and outpacing desktop commerce it is still a challenge to build a native and real-time synchronised mobile app which works simultaneously with Android , IOS and The Web  . we will discuss more on mobile and commerce in this article with some very genuine questions as well .

Do I need to use Mobile site or Mobile App ?

Well, as per our opinion your platform need be to multi-channel selling that means you don’t know where your customers are coming in at your store . it may be that the customer is visiting your website at Android / IOS mobile via Facebook or twitter  . Imagine in this way your users is browsing Facebook and somehow he / she saw the share of your e-commerce store  from his / her friend feed and he clicked on that . The link will be open in browser but suppose if your site is not responsive enough then you will see a high spike at bounce rate and cart abundancy .

Let’s back to the question “do you really need a mobile app” ? Yes, 100% you must have a mobile app  for your e-commerce store . Why ? as my site is already responsive ? still, I need that ?

Yes of course you need, I will explain why you need to have a Magento Mobile app if you are running your store on Magento .

Magento mobile app must have features

Personalisation – This is by far the most appealing reason for choosing Magento mobile app as store owner can send the push notifications for offers , deals and other festival season alerts .

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Speed & Performance – Magento Mobile app builder Mobikul is built on native java and IOS / Xcode that means it really doesn’t need an extra layer for communication with the browser or something . That’s why as compared to mobile website mobile apps are faster .

Easy Navigation – Magento mobile app are one tap away for browsing the catalog unlike in the site .

Real time synchronisation – Magento Mobile app builder does work based on the API that means all of the data will be synced in real-time . That means as a store owner you don’t need to be worry about the inventory or stock management .

There are 100s of other reasons as well , about the functionality which you may check at .

Reachability is another reason that your online store must have a mobile app – As per Market survey and research almost everywhere especially in developing nations like India , Indonesia , Egypt and many developing economies Mobile commerce having a large customer base  as compared to desktop commerce . Magento Mobile app will also provide greater reachability for your audience and will turn into more sales .

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