Magento Marketplace Supported Add-ons

Magento Marketplace Supported Add-ons  – After outstanding success of the Magento Marketplace Module We are releasing marketpalce add-ons . They will work with base magento marketplace module . These add-ons will enrich the extended functionality in core magento marketplace module . To use these add-ons marketplace module is a must . Here are the complete list of magento marketplace add-ons

1 – Magento Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment –  will split the payment among seller and admin dynamically.

  • using this module addon payment will be split in to seller and admin
  • multiple seller support found
  • admin will get the commission based on sellers
  • full payment method at magento admin
  • Only Paypal API support found

2 – Magento Marketplace Custom Option – Custom option addon module for magento marketplace module

  • Will add custom option add feature in marketplace module .
  •  Dynamic custom option creation for sellers product .
  •  Multiple custom option possible with type like dropdown , input.

3 – Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute – By using this module seller can add custom attributes as well in their marketplace magento products . Here are some Brilliant features

  •  Fully dynamic custom attribute creation
  • Working with all magento versions
  • Support all input type
  • Admin will create the attribute and can select them to display on the front end of marketplace dashboard .

4 – MarketPlace Seller Order Confirmation Multi vendor marketplace module in the magento community we have added one extra addon in our marketplace module . By using this module seller can confirm their orders . Here are some Brilliant features

  • Fully dynamic order confirmation with tracking code .
  • Working with all magento versions.
  • Buyer will get the notification from the seller when seller ship the product .

5 – Magento Marketplace Mass upload – Using this addon seller can upload product in bulk using CSV upload


6 – Magento Marketplace Seller Groups – By using this module admin can categorise seller in to gold platinum and silver group


7 – Magento Marketplace seller product search – This addon module will enable search functionality within seller store


8 – Magento Marketplace Blog – Blog for the sellers under magento marketplace module

9 – Marketplace Seller Auction – Magento Marketplace Seller Auction – will enable the auction feature for marketplace seller’s product.

  • using this module seller can auction their products
  • Proper Auction management
  • Edit delete feature for product auction
  • Date time picker for date and time selection
  • bidder list


10 –Magento Marketplace Membership – will enable the auction feature for marketplace seller’s product

  • Seller need to pay upfront fee to become seller
  • paypal api supported for membership upfront payment
  • admin can set membership fee and per group product limit e.g for silver he / she can allow only 10 products .
  • Fully dynamic configuration

11 – Magento marketplace buyer seller chat  – Magento Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat  – Magento Marketplace buyer seller chat module is very useful module for Magento multi vendor Marketplace , by which buyer can communicate with seller and visa versa .

  •  Working will all Magento version
  •  Fully open source and easy to use  .
  •  Buddy List for seller dashboard .
  •  Online offline status for seller and buyer  .
  •  Sound effect during chat success
  •  Smiley support for interactive conversation .
  •  previous history with lazy load on chat window
  •  Product page status available icon for seller availability
  •   Multiple chat support for seller

12  – Magento Marketplace Seller / Vendor List – Seller list addon will display list of sellers in marketplace with filter on it as well as it will display the products from those sellers

* This is an addon of magento marketplace module

* work with all magento version which support base marketplace module

* filter sorting based on seller

* alphabet sorting for seller name

* dynamic product display based on individual sellers and profile linked with them .


13 – Magento marketplace bundle product addon which is very useful for if you are using the marketplace for bundle products .


1 – Fully dynamic seller can able to create bundle product from their panel .

2 – fully dynamic as per the admin .

3 – It will work based on marketplace module so you will need base marketplace module to use it .

4 – fully compatible with all the other marketplace addon .

5 –  as seller can add multiple image for the product , fully configurable .

6 – working with all the latest version of the magento including 1.8, 1.9

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