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Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

Updated 24 May 2024

Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup allows sellers to add their store into their marketplace profile. Using this add-on, seller can add different physical stores along with the store address, zip code, store contact number, store opening-closing timings, etc.

After adding the stores, whenever the seller will add new product (or edit previously made products), he will be able to assign that product to any store. The customer can search for stores using city name or zip code and all the nearby stores will be shown.

The customer can choose any store and click on ‘Make it your store’. Doing this will allow customers to check whether the product is available in that store or not. When on a product page, customers can see the list of stores which have that product.

Customers can choose whether they want to pickup their order from the store or whether they want home delivery for that order.

Customer can also see the navigational directions for reaching to that store by entering their zip code. Admin can view and edit the stores added by sellers.

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This module is an add-on of Magento Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have first installed Magento Marketplace Module (version 1.0.5 or greater).

You can also check the same feature for the Magento 2 store – Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Store Pickup extension.

Note: Magento Seller Store Pickup Marketplace Add-On will not work with Multi Shipping Marketplace Add-On. Also, only Simple and Configurable products work with this add-on. For the Shipping, only Webkul Marketplace Shipping Methods will work for this module.

**Note: You must have the Google API Key to make use of this extensionTo generate one for you click here.

Features – Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

  • Seller can add/connect their physical store to their marketplace account.
  • Seller can edit or delete any of his stores.
  • Seller can add assign products to their physical store.
  • Seller can allow Store Pickup for products.
  • Seller can allow Home delivery for products.
  • Seller can set the quantity available for the product.
  • Customer can search stores using zip codes or location name.
  • Customer can see the searched store results on the Google Map.
  • Customer can make any store as theirs.
  • Customer can check for product availability on any store.
  • Customers can get directions on Google Maps for reaching to the store.
  • Admin can view & edit the seller’s stores.

Installation – Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup module installation is super easy, you need to move app folder into Magento root directory that’s it as per the screenshot.


After moving the folder flush the cache from Magento admin panel- under System > Cache Management


Language Translation

After the module installation, the user will unzip the folder and click on src folder. Inside that folder, you will find app folder. Click on the app folder and you will get locale and inside that you will find the language folder in English language as en_US. Now follow the same path and open the locale folder where you have installed the Magento Marketplace add-on and go inside the locale folder and create a new folder and name with the language for which you want to convert your module content. Now edit the Webkul_Sellerstorepickup.csv and then upload to your server inside the locale folder.


Before uploading the CSV file, open and edit it with the translated keywords. Please check the below image for the better understanding.


Seller Management – Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

After the installation of the Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup, the sellers will be able to see the following 3 options in their account: ‘Add Store’, ‘All Store’ and ‘Store Pickup Order’.

Add Store

Using ‘Add Store’ option, seller can add a new store in their marketplace account. Seller has to provide the information about the store. Seller has to provide a name to the store, store contact number, address and zip code for store and the store opening-closing timings. After filling in all the information, seller has to save the store by clicking on ‘Save Store’ button.


View All Stores

In ‘All Stores’, seller can view all the stores that he has added to his account. Seller can choose to edit or delete any of the stores present in his account.


Store Pickup Orders

In ‘Store Pickup Orders’, seller can view the list of items/products that has been placed under Store Pickup.


The quantity of the product from the store will automatically get subtracted when the order is made against it.

When the product quantity for any store becomes zero (0) then the store which has the maximum quantity for that product will be used to fulfill the order.

The seller can check the remaining quantity by going to ‘Edit Product’ page for the product that he wants to check the remaining quantity.


Manage Products

The seller can assign any product to any store by adding the store and product quantity for that store in the ‘Add New Product’ page or ‘Edit Product’ page.


Customer Management – Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

The customer can search for nearby or any particular location store by entering the zip code or name for that location. The list of all the stores present in the searched location will be displayed. The customer can make any store as his so that he can see the product availability of that product on the product page only. Customer can also view the Store page of any store.

On the Store Page, customer will be able to see all the store information, such as the store address and store opening-closing timings. Customer can also check the directions for reaching to that store from their location.

get-directionCustomers will be able to see the directions on the Google Map.


Customer can see the product availability on the product page for the store that they have selected. If the product is not available at the selected store then the customers can check other stores also. By clicking on ‘Check Other Store’, all the stores that have this product will be shown and the customer can choose store from them.


Other Store Check


After the customer has added the product to the shopping cart, he will be able to see the option for ‘Store Pickup’ or ‘Ship To Home’. Customer can choose from any of these options and then proceed to checkout.

Customer can also see the estimated shipping charges in case of Ship to Home option. Here only the Webkul Marketplace Shipping Methods (version 1.0.2 or greater) will be available for shipping.


Select from any other Store


On the checkout page, customer can select the shipping method for their order. They can choose store pickup or home delivery option.


Customer can review the order details and can then place the order.


Seller Order Management – Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

Seller can manage the orders from sellers panel, generate the invoice, send email notification to customer, can create the shipment and generate the tracking number. Vendor also has the option of canceling the order.


In ‘Store Pickup Orders’ under Marketplace, seller can view the list of items/products that has been placed under Store Pickup.


Admin Management – Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup

Admin can navigate to Marketplace Management –> Manage Seller Store and then can view the stores added by sellers.


Also edit the store for any seller.


Admin can see the Shipping Type by going to Sales > Orders. On the order details page admin can see the shipping method for that order.


Admin can see product quantity available in the store by going to Catalog > Manage Products. Here admin can open the product details page and can see the “Pickup Store” option if the product is available in any store.


Admin have to provide the Google API Key for the Google Maps to work properly. For this admin has to go to System > Configuration > Marketplace > Seller Store Pickup Options.

For Google Api key you can visit :

Store Pickup Shipping Method

Admin can navigate to System > Configurations > Sales > Shipping Methods > Seller Store Pickup Shipping and then by the dropdown admin can enable or disable the Store Pickup Shipping Method. And can also set the name for shipping method and can select the allowed countries.


That’s all for the Magento Marketplace Seller Store Pickup, if you still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 1.0.1

Supported Framework Version - Magento 1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

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