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Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute

Updated 27 July 2017

Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute extension allows sellers to configure their products with custom attributes created by admin , admin can create custom attribute from back office as standard Magento and then admin can assign those attribute to seller / vendor product upload panel.

This module is an add-on of MarketPlace Module. To use this module you must have installed marketplace module first Marketplace Module

This Module is also available for Magento2

Features Of Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute

  • Fully dynamic custom attribute creation.
  • Support all input type.
  • Admin will create the attribute and can select them to display/hide on the front end.


Mobikul Marketplace: Mobikul Marketplace converts your Magento marketplace store into a mobile app. Your customers can easily purchase products on the go. They don’t need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smart phones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the sellers too. Sellers can see their dashboard, order history and can contact the admin through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for, you must now have a mobikul marketplace to be a step ahead.

Highlighted Features:

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  • Seller Profile.
  • Seller Dashboard.
  • Seller Order History.
  • Market Place Landing Page Where Popular sellers and Description about the marketplace is mentioned.

Note: The MOBIKUL Marketplace Mobile app is a different module. You have to install it separately.

Installation Of Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute

Installation of the module is super easy you need to move the app and skin folder into Magento root directory.

magento -root

After moving both the folder flush the cache from magento admin module . Under system >  cache management.


After those primary step, you just need to configure the module.

How To Use Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute

After the successful installation of the module, you will see a menu under Marketplace Management  > Manage custom attribute.


You can configure the attributes under this panel.


After enabling those custom options in the front end it will display in new product upload form.

That’s all for the Magento Marketplace Custom Attribute module still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 3.0.1

Supported Framework Version - 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

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