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    Marketplace Business Directory For Magento

    Updated 3 October 2017

    Marketplace Business Directory For Magento module allows the seller to add the directory feature in the Marketplace. This module allows the seller to add the listing and the user or customer can search and filter the listing using the standard searches like alphabetical search and keyword search. The seller can add the directory with various attributes like categories, maps, and locations. This module also allows the admin to categories seller into Gold, Platinum, Silver and many more groups. These Groups will restrict the seller from adding extra business directories which are more than allowed directories.

    Marketplace Business Directory For Magento is an add-on of Magento Marketplace Module. To use this module, you must have installed Magento Marketplace Module.


    • While configuring, admin can select the root category and page layout.
    • Admin can set “Yes” or “No” for automatic approval of Seller’s Directory.
    • Admin can allow set Unlimited or put Limit to the Seller adding Directory.
    • Admin can set check-on Time, Directory and both- Time & Directory.
    • Admin can manage the reasons for Directory Report Reasons.
    • Recurring payment with Paypal Express Checkout is provided for seller’s payment.
    • Seller groups can be Platinum, Gold, Silver and many more.
    • In the recurring profile, the admin has options like Cancel, Suspend & Get update.
    • Admin can see reports, claims, and contact for any Directory.


    For doing the installation, unzip the respective Marketplace Business Directory For Magento zip, you will find the app and skin folder and move these folders into Magento Root as per the image below.

    After moving both the folder flush the cache from Magento admin module. Under System > Cache management.

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    After the successful installation of the Marketplace Business Directory For Magento module, the admin will be able to see the configuration panel under System > Configuration as per the below screen.

    When admin will select “Limited” in “Allow Seller to add Directory”, then admin will enter default number of Directory which can be added by the seller.

    Admin will follow the path System-> Configuration -> Design-> Theme and will enter “business_directory” in templates, skin images, layout, and default under the design.

    To turn your website into a business directory you need to fill in the below information completely.

    Under the “Marketplace Management”, admin can see “MP Business Directory” tab and its options which are shown in the image below.

    Business Directory Classified

    Under the “Business Directory Classified”, admin can view all the directories added by the seller. Admin can view the name, Directory name, Number of reports, the number of claims, status, and date.

    When the admin will click on any row, then they can see Report, Claims and Contact details.








    Admin can add, delete or change the status of Reason as per the screen shot.

    Admin can Manage Category, under Catalog > Manage category. Here admin can enter general information including a thumbnail image, navigation menu. After the installation of this module, Business Directory category will be created automatically as per the below screenshot.

    Admin will go to the Custom Design for the particular category and then select “business_directory” from the dropdown as per the current theme package. You can see in the below image.


    Admin can delete or change the status of any tag.

    Admin can add new Tags as per this screenshot.

    Magento Group for Directory

    For managing the Vendor groups for the directories, an admin will set the default quantity for the seller to add the directory and put a check-on depending on the three parameters.

    Now admin will do the setting of the payment system associated with the Partner’s group under System->Configuration->Payment methods as per the below screen. By the help of this payment method, a seller will make payment for subscribing any Seller Group which will allow them to add additional (fixed quantity) directories.

    Group Information

    In this, the admin will enter Group name, set a maximum number of products allowed to upload, set amount and status as per the below image.


    In this section, the admin will provide billing, initial fee information along with the schedule information as per the below image.

    Associated Recurring Profiles

    In this section, admin can view various recurring profiles of the sellers along with their details. Please check the below image.

    Seller adding Directories using Marketplace Business Directory For Magento

    After installation of this extension, the seller can see Business Directory tabs in their account navigation menu (as shown in the below screenshot).

    The seller can add their business directory and enter details like Company Name, email address, physical address, point location on Geo Map, select working days, enter description, enter contact number and choose a logo for their directory. After clicking on Add Directory, this page will be open.

    After adding the Directory, the seller can view their Directory in the “My Directory List”. Here, the seller can Edit or Delete the Directory.

    The seller can check “Num of Report”, “Num of Claim”, “Num of contact” by clicking on that quantity provided in the grid.

    Num of Report

    Num of Claim

    Num of contact

    After clicking on “Business Directory” option in the Account section, below page will be open at the front end. Here seller can see sub-categories of the Business Directory and their posts.

    From above screenshot, the user can search either by entering a keyword or by Advance search and also add new directory by clicking Create new entry. After clicking on the Advance search, below page will be open. Using this page, a user can search by all words, any word, and exact word. The user can search location as well.

    Directory View Page For Category

    When the user will click on any Sub-Directory view page then a new page opens up. Here the user can view a number of post for each subcategory, see their location on the Google Map also.

    After clicking on Hardware subcategory, the user can see Company name, post, their description, tags and their location on the Google Map.

    On clicking on the company name, the user can view full address, their location on the Google Map, working days, contact number and other details.

    At the footer, there are options for Report listing, Claim listing, and Contact owner.

    Report Entry

    Contact Author

    Claim this Listing

    Magento Group Directory

    When the admin selects “Unlimited” in “Allow Seller to add Directory”, then the seller can add an unlimited number of directories. But if “Limited” is set, then the admin restrict the sellers from adding unlimited directories. Seller will be allowed to add default number of directories and after adding default quantity of directories, the seller will get this message at their “Add Directory” page.

    To add more directories, seller has to be assigned into a group. Now seller will select the “Seller Type” by going to “Pay Directory Group Fee” and select a group as per the below image.

    After the selection of “Seller Type Group”, the seller will make payment using PayPal from the seller account.

    When the seller will click on “Pay” button, then the seller will be redirected to the PayPal Account like this image.

    After making the payment, the seller can view the payment information under “Pay Directory Group Fee” tab as per the below image.

    Recurring Payment Details

    The seller can view their recurring payment details under “RECURRING PROFILES” in their account as per the image below.

    Now the seller can add six more directories as Platinum Group allows only six directories. When the seller will exceed six directories, then notification message will appear on “Add a Directory” page. A notification message will also appear if the duration of Membership Group had expired and it will not allow the seller to add any Directory. The notification message will depend on the “Check-on” selection which admin selects at the time of module configuration for Seller Group Pay.

    Now the seller can buy another group to add more directory or the seller can renew the existing Group. For renewing go to My Account -> Recurring Profiles -> Get Update

    That’s all for the base Marketplace Business Directory For Magento, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better


    Current Product Version - 0.1.0

    Supported Framework Version - 1.9.x.x

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