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    Live Stream Shopping – The New eCommerce Trend

    Stay home stay safe has promoted online shopping to the next level. Consequently, live stream shopping is a trending feature with the ability to allow product purchase directly from the live stream.

    Moreover, as the pandemic continues online commerce has started developing new trends to make shopping easier for shoppers.

    Thus live streaming or live broadcasts have really become the number one source of revenue per hour across the globe.

    The prime motive of live stream shopping is to represent products and broadcast live video over a platform, social network, or website.

    Customers’ convenience and providing them a better shopping experience is the only key for online merchants to thrive in the eCommerce Market.

    Let your live visitors have physical store visit like experince to finalize live product purchase online.

    What Is Live Stream Shopping, Actually?

    eCommerce has been very successful in the past few years. Nowadays, online businesses are experimenting with live streaming. And it is beneficial for not only providers but also for shoppers.

    Live streaming in eCommerce is broadcasting of pre-informed live video in real-time using the internet to showcase the product directly from the physical store.

    It’s an opportunity to promote and sell goods and services. It also gives a totally similar experience of going shopping in person.

    A big thanks to popular live-streaming apps including Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories helping in the same.

    Even the live broadcasts are to show somebody reviewing their favorite product to influences other viewers to purchase products in real-time.

    Also, facilitates the visitors to have a real-time visual experience of the product to make the instant buying decision.

    Soon we will see the practical use of Live Stream Commerce in all the known or developing brands near us.

    Top Benefits of Live Streaming Commerce

    Live streaming tech facilitates to watch, create, and share videos related to the product and services in real-time, like live TV. Let the visitors join, view, and ask all related inquiries to finalize the purchase.

    • Improves the customer buying experience and sales conversion rate.
    • Doubles the time a user spends on the page.
    • Increases the average amount spent per purchase.
    • Attracts new customers via valuable content delivery that answers questions.
    • Gives better click ratios and the content is shared more times.

    New Way to Sell Online

    Live broadcasting or live sales Order is a miracle to make the entire online shopping experience amazing, interesting, and worthwhile for shoppers. It is the new technological enhancement in eCommerce to accomplish the goal of a high jump in revenue and customer satisfaction.

    Reach Highly Targeted Audience

    As we know viewing a live stream needs more involvement from followers via eMobile because they need to match with your time, no matter whether that time is fit for their schedule or not. Therefore this type of dedication in followers keeps irrelevant audiences away.

    Enhance Customer Engagement

    Real-time conversation enhances customer engagement. Even live streaming drives potential customers. Also, they can watch and ask the presentation to try the product to see how it will look to get a more realistic experience.

    Provide Visual Experience

    Visual experience gives an astonishing advantage in such a pandemic scenario to offer your shoppers with physical store visit like experience and show them products directly from the physical store.

    Boost Online Sale

    An engaging product video can represent way more than content or audio. It is actually a miracle offering what an online customer could expect from providers or from online shopping.

    Hence undoubtedly live stream selling is fourfolding the business profit and sale.

    Convenient and Easy

    A myth about live streaming is that it’s too complicated and technical for the average individual to piss off. On the other side, live streaming is simple. Even it is convenient and helpful for merchants and shoppers to accomplish their shopping goals.

    Henceforth, all you need are related video and audio devices, an internet connection, an encoder, and a reliable streaming platform.

    Interruption-Free Streaming

    One of the most obvious drawbacks of free streaming services like YouTube is irrelevant ads and third-party logos tend to clutter the screen and take the focus away of live followers.

    Moreover, the live stream selling helps here to create precise, interesting, engaging realistic video broadcasting to keep the customers connected.

    Face to Face Interaction

    Human involvement makes anything more genuine and natural. It builds more trust, clears more doubts, further gives an opportunity to convince to make quick order the visitors with product quality and specification.

    Track and Analyze Entire Process

    To understand customer’s online buying behavior and pathways it is important to track & analyze live stream selling through various tools.

    As the host, you will be able to experience customers’ involvement and behavior while communicating, showcasing, and trying products for them.

    Henceforth tracking and analysis tools will give a chance of what you need to improve in the next broadcasting.

    How live-stream shopping is helpful for e-customers?

    Physical Shopping Like Experience  – In such a panic pandemic situation live stream selling proved a boon for shoppers. Let your shoppers have a live shopping experience like they used to do in the physical market.

    Clarity – Live broadcasting provides very clear live video with voice including activity moreover real-time experience to the end-user.

    Immediate Viewing – Allows visitors with immediate access to your ongoing live session to influence them to meet your business goal. 

    No Download Time – Streaming platforms have made the online selling process simpler for people to watch their favorite products and checking services without worrying about download time. All you need is a stable internet connection to stay tuned to the live session.

    Many Streaming Options – Streaming websites allow you to pick needed options from their huge list. Put unlimited live videos with a wide variety of content like audio, video, clicks to quick login, custom forms, checkboxes, and buy buttons to make a successful broadcast to reach more audiences. 

    Summing Up!!!!

    As per the above summary, you must have understood the importance of live stream shopping in the eCommerce space. Even live stream selling is a remarkably powerful channel to adopt for eCommerce and retail business.

    Multichannel selling and omnichannel shopping are helpful for merchants and shoppers to meet their respective needs.

    But just like other marketing medium it is also comes with its own parameters and challenges.

    Hence before jumping into it, carefully understand all the pros and cons and decide whether it’s suitable for your business needs or not.

    Hence, that’s all for the Live Stream Shopping – The New eCommerce Trend.


    For eCommerce Solution or Mobile App Development please check our store also don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions under the comment box given below.

    Moreover, If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to add a ticket at our HelpDesk system.

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