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Laravel B2B Marketplace Stripe Connect

Updated 16 August 2021

Laravel B2B Marketplace Stripe Connect module is an easy way to split payment between the supplier and admin. Today we are going to introduce B2BMarketplace stripe payment for Laravel.

This module allows the customers to do a checkout and make an online payment using Stripe Connect gateway. This module integrates your online store with the most recognized payment solution, Stripe.

It makes online payment processing much easier to manage and also helps in return order refunds easily. Using this module the customers can also save the card details for future use.

Complete Features List

  • Enable/disable payment method from the admin panel.
  • Provide split payment to a supplier for your B2BMarketplace store.
  • Accept all the cards that the stripe supports.
  • Allow the supplier to register themselves using stripe connect.
  • Buyer can also save stripe cards for future payments while paying.
  • PCI(Payment Card Industry) Compliance.
  • 3D Secure – Added security layer.

How to install the module?

Unzip the respective extension zip and then merge “packages” folder into project root directory.

B2B stripe

Goto config/app.php file and add following line under ‘providers’

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Goto composer.json file and add following line under ‘psr-4’

"Webkul\\B2BMarketplaceStripeConnect\\": "packages/Webkul/B2BMarketplaceStripeConnect/src"

Also run these commands below to complete the setup

composer dump-autoload
composer require stripe/stripe-php:7.0
php artisan route:cache
php artisan migrate
php artisan vendor:publish --force

> Press the number before “Webkul\B2BMarketplaceStripeConnect\Providers\B2BMarketplaceStripeConnectServiceProvider” and then press enter to publish all assets and configurations.

How To Get The API Keys from the Stripe

To get the API Keys you can use Stripe website. First you’ll need to Sign in to the stripe account.

Go to then enter your login details.

Step 1:- Now, enable the option “View test data” to check payment in testing mode. By clicking on payment button you can check all transaction here.


Step 2:- Now click on Get your test API keys to get secret key and publishable key.

Step 3:- Click on Settings>>Connect Setting to get client id. Here you have to set redirect URL, redirect URL will be like this as stated below


Module Configuration

After the successful installation of stripe connect for laravel, the admin can easily configure the module from the admin panel.

Now you will see the Stripe Payment under the Configure>Sales>Payment Method.


Status:- Admin can enable or disable this module.

Title:- Admin can set the title which will be displayed on the front end.

Description:- Admin can enter the description which they want to show on the checkout page.

Debug:- Admin can enable or disable the module for testing.

Who will pay application fee:- Admin can set here laravel stripe connect commission fee pay by seller or customer.

API Key:- Set the API key which is provided by the stripe payment gateway.(Production Mode)

API Publishable Key:- Set the API publishable key which is provided by the stripe payment gateway. (Production Mode)

Client ID:-Set Client Id provided by Stripe Payment Gateway, this is required to connect seller with stripe account.

API Test key:- Set the API test key so that this module will be used for testing.

API Test Publishable Key:- Set the API publishable key so that this module will be used for testing.

Sort Order:- Enter the sort order so that the payment method will appear on the payment page according to the entered sort order

Supplier Configuration

Once the installation of the stripe multi-vendor payment gateway in laravel, the supplier will find the menu “Stripe Connect” item under settings>>stripe as shown in the image below:-


After click on connect stripe, the supplier will redirect to the stripe website to connect with stripe. Once it will be connect seller will redirect back to their account section.

Click on Skip this account form for the development mode.


Here seller has to fill the form then needs to connect with stripe to make transfer successfully. The seller can also revoke their account by clicking on “Revoke Your Stripe Account”.


Checkout Process

At the time of checkout, the customer can select the payment method as Stripe, to pay with stripe.


After selecting the Stripe the customer can click on the placed order button to make the payment. Then the customer will be redirected to the stripe payment page, here they have to fill card detail and click on Pay Now.


After successful payment, they will get order id. They can check order status in their order history.


Stripe Dashboard and Split payments.

The admin and the sellers can log in to the Stripe accounts using their respective login credentials and view the details of their payment (commission) which displays under the Payments option.

Under the admin Stripe dashboard the admin can see all the payment details as shown below:-


The admin can also see the payment details including the stripe fee as shown below:-


In the transfer section the admin can see all the payments those have been transferred to the sellers like shown below:-


The admin can also see the transfer details as shown in the image below:-


Similarly the seller can also see the payment details in the sellers stripe dashboard as shown in the image below:-


The seller can also see payment details as shown below:-



So, that was much about the User Guide of Laravel B2B Marketplace Stripe Connect for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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