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    Joomla W3C Validation

    Joomla W3C Validation : Joomla is an award winning CMS application. It is modular and you have the options to upgrade as per needs. Joomla can be used for different purposes like corporate websites or portals, online commerce etc and when we talk about W3C Validation, it is the important step for increasing your conversion rates. The question which arises is that, why the W3C validation of the Joomla web page important?

    Importance Of W3C Validation for Joomla web pages

    W3C validation have some international standards and it’ll be good not only for the Joomla templates but for all CMS applications. If you got a big crowd over your Joomla web page but your conversion rates are not increasing,at that time W3C validation helps a lot to increase your conversion rate.

    How to Check W3C Validation of the Joomla Web page

    Validation means checking the technical quality of your Joomla web site. It is very simple, just enter your Joomla web site’s URL. There are two possibilities for your Joomla site, either it pass out the checking criteria or it’ll get some errors

    If you passed out and there is no error in your Joomla web page then it is the awesome thing for your site and you are definitely receiving the benefits of that.

    On the other hand if you’ll get some errors and warnings , then not to worry, just read out all the errors and try to remove it all from your Joomla site.

    W3C Validation give a list of errors and you can easily check your Joomla web page and can easily remove it all.

    The list above shows the errors. You can see the whole description about the errors. With the help of this validation output you can easily remove all the errors of your Joomla web page. Joomla is used for small business websites, Non-profit and organizational websites, and W3C Validation is an important and good step.

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